Color Therapy

By Aanchal A.K in Astrology 17/05/2018

Color Therapy is a simple method of treating ailments, negativity around us through the use of different colors.
Colors uplift our mood and bring in positive energies. They help in spiritual healing.
We can use these colors in our day to day Life in different forms.

Now, which colors to be Used When and How?


Important Colors for Use in Color Therapy



It is a very essential color as its a color of Growth. We can paint our house in the light green shade, it is a very a positive color. It indicates change, movement in one’s life. It represents Mind. It brings stability and natural balance in our life. People who usually face problems in Life due to unbalanced behavior can wear this color often on Wednesdays. They can use towels of this color. Green color helps to cure cancer, nervous disorders and ulcers. One should use this color in children’s room, helps them to maintain focus.


Green shaded interior


Red Color

It’s an Energetic color, the color of passion, love, and confidence. This color creates heat. It should not be used inside in our house much. It is good for people suffering from Low BP, anemia, and arthritis.
People suffering from paralysis and make use of this color will help them to recover fast as it increases blood circulation.
Manglik people should surely make use of this color more.
Wear Red on Tuesdays brings in a lot of positive energy.
High tempered people should stay away from this color.
Light red color can be used in newly married couples bedroom helps to bloom their love.


Red Flower


Yellow Color

It is a color of self – esteem, knowledge, and Dignity. It is the color of Jupiter. We should paint our house boundaries outside in Light Yellow. This color reflects negative vibrations. This is the color of Moksha. One should make sure to Wear this color on Thursdays.
Anyone suffering from the problem of stones and diabetes should wear this color often, will help them to recover fast.
People suffering from constipation should make use of this color in their daily life like water bottles, towels etc.
This color increase Memory, it represents Matureness.


Light Yellow House


Blue Color

It is a cool and a soothing color. This color is related to Air, gases. This color helps to recover from a lot of ailments like knee pains, insomnia, High BP, sore throats and various Skin problems.
This color kills bacteria and gives coolness to the body. People with High Temper should make use of this color often, will help them to stay calm. This color should be worn on Mondays.


Blue Sky


Orange Color

This color represents playfulness, ambition, and courage. Its the color of Sunrays.
This color represents spirituality and sacrifice. It helps to cure menstrual cramps, kidney stones, and sinus.
Orange color reflects back negative vibration. This color should be used in Pooja Room. It keeps mosquitoes away.
This color should be worn on Tuesdays or Sundays.
This color is used in Reiki Healing.




Violet Color 

It represents memory and wisdom. It helps to heal breathing problems, Asthma, Tumors, and Migraine. This color is of concentration. It keeps us focussed in our Life. It is again a cool color. It kills bacteria, has a lot of power in it. We can use this color in children’s bedroom and even in pooja house.
This color should be worn on Mondays or Fridays.


Violet children room


Black Color 

This color depicts suspicion and observation. This color represents stubbornness and loneliness.
It is the color of mystery, thereby, one should make less use of this color.
Wear this color on Saturdays but make sure the thing you use is not brand new. Don’t buy any new black color cloth, iron or steel on Saturdays.


Black Clothing


White Color 

This color represents purity, peace, and harmony.
Wear this color more especially on Monday and Fridays. This color represents stability. This color can be used in Kitchen shelves and Living Room.


Kitchen Shelves


The Power of Color is the very essence of Life.
We can surely bring in a lot of positivity, maintain health and well- being if we are exposed to the right color and its Vibrations.

A certified Ph.D. in Vaastu Shastra who also has degrees from renowned Institute in numerology, tarot card reading, chakra healing, palmistry and astrology. Aanchal Arjun Kakkar is an Hons. Graduate from KMC college, an esteemed Institute of University of Delhi (DU). Since very early life she had a keen interest in helping people with their daily turmoils and all common issues of life related to career, health, wealth, job, love and marital issues. Her other passions in life include travelling, meeting new people and learning new experiences. She strongly believes that there is a karmic connection between souls which can be better understood with the help of occult sciences.


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