Love And Longing

By Samiksha Shrivastava in Editor's Pick 30/05/2018

She waited anxiously for him at home.  It was way past his usual time and he wasn’t home yet.  It was a little past dinner time tonight.  This doesn’t happen often. She couldn’t help pacing around the room and often to the door.  It can be him anytime.
She looked outside their huge glass window to see if she can spot his car..  Nope,  no sign yet.  She couldn’t see clearly past the blurry window. The rain would just not stop!
Sitting near window
They were new in this city.  Moved to this society couple of days back. One of the very posh localities of Bangalore, so she heard. She had not explored the area around much.  Only the times when they used to go for an evening stroll she saw curiously their neighbors.
They have not been acquainted yet and she was hoping to meet them soon, on his day off.. He’s been very busy lately.
Anyhow, today she was all on her own. Normally she wouldn’t mind it as she was used to being home alone but it was dark and thundary outside today.  She dreaded this weather and he knows it. How can he not be there early, she wondered.
To distract herself she went to the kitchen. She was ravenous but she never ate before him.  She looked at her dishes and came back. Suddenly a sharp streak of light followed by loud thunderous noise flashed through the glass window.  She felt the chills to her core.
With all her might she came running to the bedroom and got under the covers. She was still shivering… The room went suddenly dark.
Her first tryst with a power cut.  She burst out and gave out shrills of helplessness… Terrified eyes. What would she had not given to be with him at that very moment.  If only..
From a distance she heard hint of a familiar sound..  She ran to the living room and peeked outside..  Yes it’s his car!  He’s finally here!  She couldn’t wait and was almost jumping.. She could feel his eagerness as she heard the hurried footsteps and the hasty unlocking of the front latch..
He thrust open the door and there she was…. Petrified poor little thing..
He was partially drenched but he embraced her… He could feel her heartbeat going really fast..  He was soothing her by gently stroking and caressing her hair..  She was still sobbing and whimpering..
he waited for her to calm down and went ahead to drop his car keys on the table and to find a candle..
hugging eah other
She followed him around quietly..  Her world was here and this is all she needed…  He apparently had a rough day too.  She could sense, he had been quiet. He lit a candle and wilted away on to the sofa nearby… She couldn’t see him so sad.. She drifted close to him and stared at him with questions in her big brown innocent eyes.. He was amused to see her so perplexed..
Drew her close and gave her a big hug again…  She was happy..
The world is a bright place once more…  She wagged her tail in contentment and slowly drifted to sleep…  Peacefully amidst the calming storm..


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