Elixir By Sinjini Sengupta

By Medha Mukerji in Editor's Pick 11/06/2018

Undefined struggles of today make it impossible to quite an extent to live a happy life; happy being a relative term; for various kinds of people. For somebody getting the first job is a struggle while for someone buying that 5th House on Napean Sea Road is one. Somebody could have a loss of appetite because he cant have his next meal with his family while someone in the other end of the country could be not eating over the feeling of disappointment of not being able to get his hands on a limited edition scotch.  


Undoubtedly everyone today needs some sort of an “Elixir” to cope up with his or her respective struggles.




Sengupta’s story revolves around an Indian girl who had been brought up to be a modern woman but was somehow caught up by pressures from the society. The book subtly speaks of the hidden pressures of the society that somehow creep up in a girl’s life no matter how educated or independent she may seem to be.


The Childhood




Complexities during childhood end up reflecting once you’re an adult. How important it is to resolve one’s childhood issues… one could take an inference from the book.


Marriage, Work and Life


Marriage, Work and Life


“Elixir” speaks of the challenges of the modern day marriage. And the book takes you through the modern façade of the new age so called progressive Indian society, through the story of a girl.

Love and respect are not only hard to find, but also hard to earn within a marriage. The girl uses an elixir to life to cope up with her pressures and creates a symphony that suits to only her ears within her dreams.


The characters of the book seem to be right out of a film. The typical worried parent, the chauvinistic husband and the ever-judgmental society trapping the girl who struggles to cope up with her reality.


The book leaves you wondering after you finish it; about how things could have been different, if they could have been a tad bit happier.


The Modern Day Couples


The various kinds;


The ones who are sublimely happy in their own individual worlds inspite of being married;


The ones who keep on thinking of taking a stand their whole lives (probably a separation or a legal divorce) and don’t do much about it;


The ones who actually go ahead and do it and are shunned immediately by their surroundings till they don’t prove to everyone that what they did was for their own betterment.


As much as the book is seems to be a dreamland, it will make you ponder about how marriages are a struggle within the Indian society and how difficult it is to cope up with a bad one.


Somehow, personally I felt completely out of love and a tad bit of disappointment once I put down the book. As much as I loved the spirit of the protagonist, and her ability to create her own vision, I couldn’t really categorize the book as pure fiction, or realistic or just a wild (wild) imagination.


But like the writer says, that India is a land of storytellers and there is space for every kind of a story here.


Medha Mukerji

In 2010, Medha started her career at 21 with BNP Paribas Wealth Management as a support to Business Development and continued with Glaxo Smith Kline Consumer Health Care in their Accounting Control/Tax/Commercial department. Medha also worked as a General Secretary to an NGO called Human Child Age Care Educational Society during the year (reg) 2013 – 2015
Working at BNP Paribas, Medha would edit product notes and pitches for the clients. Soon enough, she knew that before doing MBA and starting her own company, she rather have the experience, and vision of exactly what she wanted to do, and then study further that would help and enhance the business.


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