Vastu Tip: How Should Your Bedroom Be?

By Staff Feministaa in Astrology 18/06/2018

Vastu plays a major role in the direction of your bedroom. Especially because you are spending 6-10 hours in a day in that space. That makes it really important to do the tad bit to keep your bedroom in a good vastu.


Being the proven science of architecture, Vastu is a Science based on Climatology and has very little to do with religion and spirituality. Its an ancient science that guides the people to construct their Homes, Offices, Shops, Industries in a better way that helps in healthy living and create overall prosperity.


Here are some tips for your bedroom according to Vastu:


Your Master/ Main Bedroom


  1. Should always be in south-west area of your home.
  2. There should be No religious idols in the bedroom.
  3. Having earthy colours such as brown for master bedroom, is good. It helps your sleep pattern by encouraging peace and calm environment in your room.



The Children’s Room


  1. Should Always be in North-East of the Home .
  2. Colors such as violet or green helps children to focus more on studies.


Kids Bedroom

Some More Basic Tips


  1. Keep heavy furniture towards the north -west , south- west , west or south corner Keep the centre empty.
  2. The Bed should be towards south or west wall so that your head is on the south or west and feet are towards north or east while sleeping.
  3. Always Avoid South-East location for bedroom as it causes family troubles.


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