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We, at Feministaa, looked into the matter of figuring out ones Sexual Orientation in India and found out that as a third world country, we lie far behind in gaining our sexual entitlements to freely choose which way works for us.

In 2013, when Supreme Court reinstated the Article 377, it turned out to be a black day for the many petitioners from Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) communities who filed petitions challenging Section 377. This, not only put the country on the back foot of progressive development but also promoted circulating the feared stigma of discovering one’s sexuality.




Being different, an oddball was always a problem for a society which still follows the industry generating robot education system that the British laid out for us. However, being different in responding to one’s sexual preferences towards the same sex or both the sexes is a topic of humongous shame itself.

So how does the gay thing work? How does the lesbian thing work? How does the bisexual thing work?



Sometimes, the laws of attraction are simple. The natural course leads one right up to where they find their own place and people to mingle with. Growing Up Gay is a series of the first Indian LGBTQ magazine Pink Pages that chronicles the many experiences of growing up as an LGBT person in India


Obama’s preach “Love is love” made a huge impact worldwide in spreading the act of innocent love when the USA made the historic ruling on same-sex marriage legal.


Same Sex


In a country, where 75 per cent of the youth goes ahead with arranged marriages, to even think that they could mate up with the same sex is a vile forbidden act. However, if a country’s laws allow the freedom to love, then not only does it liberate the ones that have been suffocating under the pressure to hide but it also gives a sense of freedom for people, who were never in the “closet” to begin with, to find encouragement, equality and empowerment no matter where their decision to lovelies

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