A Dynamic Woman Dr. Anjali Chaugule

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“Discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you”



To define Dr Anjali Chaugule in a nutshell, a dentist by profession would mean to have to be able to define someone extremely multifaceted; an elegant argentine tango and salsa dancer an aspiring model, a passionate shutterbug and most importantly an artist at the core.



Dr. Anjali Chaugule is an epitome of grace and optimism through her dynamic versatility as a creator with the profession of science. She is a stained glass and canvas artist who loves to sketch, origami and things which propel her creative genius to flourish.




Anjali loves to please her aesthetic sense through her love for jazz, country music, exotic destinations and beautiful picturesque places. Her profession and her love to dance has made her explore places all around the globe.


Born and brought up in Pune, she has an extraordinary scholastic background. Anjali completed her undergraduate from Fergusson College, Pune followed by dentistry from MGV Dental college, Nasik and internship program from BVP Dental College, Pune with distinction.


Established in 2005, ‘Oral Symphony Dental Care’ is the name of her own dental practice in Pune. Besides her own education, she has gone an extra mile to receive training and diplomas in advanced dentistry from the United Kingdom. She has also been a senior dental consultant with the renowned Symbiosis Institute in Pune since 2006.


And she also holds an international diplomat in the French Language!


Her mantra


There’ll never be another now, I’ll make the most of today; there’ll never me another me, I’ll make the most of myself


Anjali has own contemporary style of painting combining techniques of the old masters in an expression of optimism, joy and serenity. These paintings, keeping in accord the meticulousness of the intricacies of art convey a feeling of harmony between nature and humanity, featuring a dab of art deco and a dash of the surreal.


Many artists have found her works of art thought-provoking, meaningful and worthy of frequent visits.


On the topic of art, Anjali claims herself to be a true art lover and in fact, seeked art in establishing her career of modelling in 2016. She believes that a model is a moving narrative of art, the way each of her expression and movement tells a peculiar story.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a SINGLE STEP”


She believes that the journey of a top model begins with passion. A passionate model is an inspiring role model for one and all which has always been her dream in every area of her life.


She believes that modelling is a collaborative creation between artists. As a pageantry model she has always been a favourite of her mentors for her ramp walk and posing, received acknowledgements  from many of India’s top models and celebrity pageant trainers like Alesia Raut, (Lakme fashion week Top model Jaspal Kaur); Mrs Commonwealth Asia Pacific Runner Up Mrs. Soniya Shetty Singh to name a few and has always been asked by these mentors to guide and train other models in  beauty pageants along with them.




Because of her hard work and perseverance, she has been the showstopper at various fashion shows and continues to do so today!


Anjali has conquered all her dreams with glaring success through a simple philosophy of life.


“You never fail until you give up; don’t seek aid, seek strength; don’t look for miracles, let your actions construct them for you; don’t pursue stories of other, unfold your own adventure! You never know what is next but trusting your instincts, planning for your life, a little hard-work & incredible support by your family will take you places and you will see how beautiful life is !”

For this, we at Feministaa truly recommend her for a great role model that she has become.

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