How is Honey Your Beauty Saviour?

By Staff Feministaa in Health & Nutrition 26/06/2018

There are three reasons why we love honey so much and i.e. it’s humectant, meaning it keeps things moist, it’s antibacterial so it stops the growth of bacteria which is good for you. and it’s hygroscopic, meaning it has some serious healing powers. So, why not start making the use of it in enhancing your beauty.

Following are the ways of using it in your beauty routine:-

Moisturizing skin


In the dry winter months, your skin is screaming for extra hydration. Make a maks using one teaspoon of honey and apply it on your face. Keep it for approximately 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Cleans Pores


Mixing the honey with coconut oil or olive oil can become a killer makeup remover or cleanser. Rub a few drops of oil and honey into your skin to unclog pores. Rinse the mixture with warm water and a clean cloth.



Exfoliate dead skin


Add sugar or coffee grounds to create a sweet body or face scrub.


Add two tablespoons of them to two tablespoons of honey and make a paste. Rub it onto your skin in circular motion and then rinse it off with warm water.



Fade Scars


Manuka honey is produced by European honey bees foraging on the mānuka or tea tree which grows uncultivated throughout New Zealand and Southeastern Australia.


It has started to make waves in medical and beauty world in a natural way to speed up the healing process. Apply few drops of honey daily to a old scar and watch it fade faster.


You can also apply honey to a small burn to help it heal faster. Just be sure not to apply it to an open wound — honey might have bacteria in it and could aggravate an existing cut.



Condition Hair


Add honey to coconut oil or olive oil and apply it to damp hair. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.


Kick your bath up a notch


Dissolve two tablespoons of honey into one cup of hot water for about 10 minutes. Add a few drops of essential oils (we love lavender), and drop this mixture into a warm bath for a relaxing and soothing soak.


Remove unwanted hair.


Hate the hair on your upper lip and chin? Instead of going to an expensive salon or buying a store-bought version, make your own wax. Mix one tablespoon of raw honey with three tablespoons of brown sugar and one teaspoon of lemon juice. Boil the mixture until it turns brown. After it cools slightly, add it to your skin with a popsicle stick. Apply a cotton strip and rub in one direction. Gently, but quickly pull the cotton against your hair to remove it.

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