How some women are creating unique businesses out of their passion – The Story of Bandana Sondhi

By Staff Feministaa in Starting Up 26/07/2018

How many times do you hear the story of a person abandoning their job to pursue their passion? And what if there isn’t just one passion but more than that?


Bandana Sondhi, a model, fashion expert, brand influencer and much more, is an example of one such story where a person grew up to emulsify themselves in diverse facets of professions. Based in South Delhi, Bandana began her career in the banking sector at American Express.


“As time passes, we change and evolve”


During her job, she started helping her friends by giving them fashion advice. This soon converted into her forte and she cut her career in banking midway to pursue what she was best at.


“It is the feeling of seeing someone transform before your eyes; how little changes can absolutely trigger the self-confidence of a person which gives me immense pleasure in doing what I do”  


Bandana started finding more clients and as time progressed, she became the official stylist for various shoots. According to Bandana, confidence is the best accessory to wear and makes you an instant star. Professionally, Bandana has also given personal styling and grooming sessions to News Anchors at Zee Business Channel, Amazon Fashion Week and in various other fashion shows and ad shoots.


Bandana’s boundless energy, dedication to work and meticulous detailing sets her apart from the rest. That combined with her fresh looks and staggering style gave the shooting agencies a run for their money and offers for acting jobs in commercials and modeling opportunities for brand promotions started pouring in.


“Eventually, what you want to do finds you even without a plan!”


Acting and modeling was something that Bandana never even dared to look at as a career opportunity as a young girl because of a conservative background. However, in the midst of her trajectory to success and exploring life in various fields, she went ahead and is now a renowned name in modeling with various brands such as Samsung, TATA, SBI, DLF, Coca-Cola, UrbanClap, Oriflame, SpiceJet and many more under her cap.


Bandana has been actively involved in corporate training & workshops to facilitate personal grooming, etiquettes, inculcate leadership skills and even improve accents of students and budding professionals enforcing the vitality of a strong personality to prosper in life.


The extremely talented Bandana also carries a love for writing in her heart, which leads her to write in leading newspapers and magazines. She has also edited various books, written by professional authors and is in the process of writing her very own first book which she hopes she can complete soon.


Bandana follows some mantras for life and lives by them.


“Every individual has a potential talent, gift or superpower. They just have to discover it and use it. Remember to be original always and treat whatever work coming along your way with respect, dedication and gratitude”

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