This Petrol Pump in Delhi is Hiring Women Against All Odds

By Vasundhara Dudeja in Editor's Pick 16/08/2018

‘Field Work’ in India, since ages, has been considered unsuitable for women. It is unprotected, requires strength and once the shades of skies start turning a little dark, there is always an air of unspoken threats looming over our heads.


Naturally, when one goes to petrol pumps, he/she expects a man rushing to the petrol tank, to refill fuel. However, if you visit the Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump at Green Park, it is bound to bring a refreshing change to this mundane routine.


The Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump started hiring women staff in 2014 and now houses more than 40%, female staff. Each woman comes with a unique story and an infectious happiness that will make your day.


Sangeeta, 37-year-old, has been working here since the past two and a half years. Through her earnings, she has put her child in a hostel and catered to her girl’s education as well. She has fought her way to work outside her home and has now made her family proud by being able to support her household.


Sangeeta,A working woman in Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump Green ParkSangeeta


Her story is very similar to all the women that work there. In the morning shift, all the staff is ladies and their amicable bonding from eating meals together to resolving an issue with a shouting customer can clearly be felt by spending just a little time with them.


Savita, 20-year-old, who joined at the fragile age of 18, now works as a forecourt supervisor (guides cars to pumps). Like any woman taking up a job outside the society standards, she was very much worried, thinking how would it feel to work in a field like this, how to deal with people if they come and say something derogatory or just pass some remarks looking down upon them.


However, Savita along with all the others feel safe and accepted to be a part of something that earns them an honest day’s labor.


Savita, A Woman working at Bharat Petroleum Petrol PumpSavita


Simran Kaur, a 38-year-old woman, who has been working at gas stations for the past eight years, loves what she does because along with her work she is also able to give time to her family.


Simran Kaur, A Woman Working at Bharat Petroleum Petrol PumpSimran Kaur


They do their work with full dedication and find immense contentment in it. People who visit this petrol pump get sometimes shocked but mostly exhilarated to see women serving them at such an unexpected place.


Ran Geeta Kumari, 26-year-old, is the team lead at this Petrol Pump.

“We used to see petrol pumps before never thinking we would work here one day and now that we do, it feels very good.”


Ran Geeta Kumari, A Woman working at Bharat Petroleum Petrol PumpRan Geeta Kumari


Women working in a petrol pump and seeing people get happy is an indication that they are growing bolder and stronger every day to take up jobs unthought-of before.


Sonika, A working woman at Bharat Petroleum Petrol Pump Sonika


Shama Parveen, a 26-year-old worker, with an approximate two and a half year working experience behind, learned in her journey that it is utmost essential that a lady works and earns for herself so that she doesn’t have to look up to someone for money. There are so many fields that she can find honest labor in, all she has to do is step out and explore.


Shama, A working woman at Bharat Petroleum Petrol PumpShama Parveen


Jyothi is a 32-year-old woman who has been working in this line for the past 14 years. She had gotten habitual to the nitty-gritty of the petrol pumps at a very early age but now that the whole staff is female, she enjoys her work more. She is glad that she landed up in this field and encourages more young women to find work in field jobs.


Jyoti, A working woman at Bharat Petroleum Petrol PumpJyothi


The protocol before joining is similar for both men and women i.e. they are trained for five days at the petrol pump followed by two days at the corporate office.


According to Mr. Jitender Chauhan, Manager, their sales have increased substantially after keeping an all-women staff in the morning shift.


“The customer is more satisfied, they have more trust over girls that they won’t cheat and they will get full value for their money. Girls are very respectful towards customers as well.”


Due to safety measures, they have kept all women only from 6 AM to 2 PM. There are no women after 10 PM at the petrol pump. To avoid any hygienic issues, there are different toilets for men and women and maintenance workers clean toilets twice a day in the morning and evening.


“All women should try every sort of work. They should take inspiration from other women who do work ranging from flying airplanes to putting petrol in cars; there is no work that a woman can’t do!”


Vasundhara is an in-house content creator. Other than past experiences of writing including writing as an Intern for The Hindu and various other platforms, she is also an engineer, a dancer, and a bibliophile.


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