Making Waves 2018: A Huge Success!

By Staff Feministaa in Events 29/08/2018

Making Waves 2018: The Grand Women Entrepreneur Networking Meet was symbolic of the progress of business-centric women and a great platform to share their vision and their ideas.



Making Waves 2018, the Grand Women Entrepreneur Networking Meet held on 25th August at Butterfly High, Mumbai was nothing but a success as the aspiring and the established women entrepreneurs across industries, found the perfect platform to share their vision, learn, and collaborate with each other.


The event echoed with insightful thoughts and views of the speakers at the forum, the first being the face of the Event, the stunning and ace gemologist and jewellery designer of India, Farah Khan Ali. The other celebrity panellists that joined in were – Nutritionist Pooja Makhija, FICCI FLO’S immediate past Chairperson Minali Shah, India’s popular flair bartender Ami Shroff, Celebrity Chef & Entrepreneur Rakhee Vaswani and renowned Chocolatier Zeba Kohli. Feministaa Founder & CEO Medha Mukerji and Image Consultant Shilpa Khushalani added to empowering the crowd with their knowledge sharing session. They resonated power, control and ambition and proved that they are here because they are and will be known as great leaders, not great women leaders!


Two women formed the backbone of making this spectacular event a reality: Shibani Moorjani: Founder and CEO of Surprise Me Events and Anchal Bajaj: COO of Haute Islands. They shared the passion to truly empower women in society, which gave birth to Making Waves. They created a brilliant platform for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs to network amongst themselves to discuss nuances, challenges and ways forward with respect to their ventures.


Not only was there a buzzing networking session but the great takeaways that the audience kept raving about after every session truly proved it to be an enriching experience for one and all.  Making Waves had kiosks with different women-centric products up for sale which gave the event a fun twist and had people flocking in huge numbers to grab their favourite products at the best deal.


All the young entrepreneurs who attended the meet showcased a zeal to bring forth a change in their life. With this, the event wrapped up on a high note thus fulfilling its promise to power the inspiration in women’s lives and motivate them to dive headstrong in their careers and accomplish tremendous feats. A big shout out to the organisers for the huge success of Making Waves. For all those, who couldn’t attend the event, be rest assured to witness Making Waves Season 2.


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