Kaleidoscope 2018 Through The Looking Glass

By Staff Feministaa in Events 05/09/2018

In the suffocating heat of September, Kaleidoscope 2018 – The Annual Cultural Festival by Sophia College for Women is like a breath of fresh air. In its 33rd year, the iconic inter-collegiate festival brings you Dreamskape – A place for you to mould your dreams into a possible reality. Chocolate Waterfall, Mordor, The Ruins of Erebor, The Forbidden Forest, Xandar, Titan – they have it all. A beautiful patchwork of individual wish-drives, Planet K isn’t just where magic and fantasy is okay, but it’s also a place for you to be creative and bring forth your vision of a world.


DreamskapeDreamskape – Kaleidoscope’18


Hosted by Sophia College for Women – in collaboration with Feministaa Media – the main days of the festival are the 8th and 9th of September. Awaiting you is a range of exciting events, food stalls, and activities that cater to different crowds; on Planet K, there’s something for everyone.


Some of the most loved events include – Electrocuted: The band event (rocks your socks), Back to the Streets: The street dance event (Step Up 2, anyone?), Dus Ka Tees: the drama event (To hoot real loud, or not? That is the question.), Mr. & Ms. K: a chance for participants to showcase their talents, personality and intellect (\Miss Congeniality is in the wings) and lastly, J.A.M (Just a Minute): the largest crowd puller, the Ultimate Battle of Wits (Don’t lose your wits, be cool, be cool.)


After you’re done cheering for your friends or contingent, you can make your way over to Eat Street to get your fill of fries, shawarmas, ice cream, pancakes, noodles- (Be cool, be cool), and so much more! But that’s not all – you can take part in contests, games and have a jam session at The Karaoke Cafe too!


So come for good times (bad times, who?)  – It’s a promise, you won’t regret it.


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