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By Vasundhara Dudeja in Starting Up 03/10/2018

The notion of combining feminism to man hate is something that has prevailed since the birth of the term ‘Feminism.’ Given that one of the foundations of the word Feminism is to break myths, even breaking extrapolated myths related to man-hating becomes a part of it.


#RealMenRealStories was started as an initiative that we, as a woman-centric media house, took on so as to glorify male voices in this fight of women empowerment. We came across stories of prolific men with views that truly imbibe a ripple of change occurring in a more-woman accepting stratum of society.


Madhav Raman, the founder of Anagram Architects, and needless to say a renowned name in the world of architecture gave insights to women in architecture. According to him, the ratio of women graduating in architecture is more than men, yet this belief that has taken over the world of architecture being male-dominated is mostly because of acquisition of the space and face of architecture by men.


“Women architects are a lot more accessible, they are a lot more humble about their work and what they have achieved, which is incredible. I find that this is not always the case with men architects and hence, the myth of architecture being male-dominated prevails.”


It turns out Madhav was not alone in his perspective. Jimmy Mistry, an acclaimed name in the world of designing and hospitality, a passionate soul and a compassionate human being, elaborated on women empowerment in his respective field. In an exclusive interview to Feministaa, he explained how he himself has a team with a lopsided gender ratio of more men to women.


“Women are very sincere to their work and quick learners. They are more diligent, willing to learn and have their egos within the world of design at a far far lower peg level compared to men.”



Continuing with the streak, we interviewed Prashant Sutaria who has built his architectural firm Center of Living and Planning for Tomorrow (CELPT) from the scratch with his wife Architect Hemanti Sutaria with a motto of creating knowledge-based solutions for affordable and low-cost housing.


According to him, encouragement in women is not required in terms of talent, entrepreneurship qualities or their ability to draw business. They are already talented in those terms.

“As a woman, you come across various obstacles like in the initial stage of starting a career, getting married, having a kid. But there are so many who have come through it and are successful in their respective fields. If they all come together and share their stories with the younger generation, these women would be truly inspiring”



This idea has not only captured the essence of what we do but also brings forward men who are slowly changing the landscape of feminism in India.


In this movement to make the women empowered, many are in sync with the right thought process regardless of which gender they belong to. Kudos to such men, kudos to such women and kudos to all people whose thinking has made this world a better place for women.



Vasundhara is an in-house content creator. Other than past experiences of writing including writing as an Intern for The Hindu and various other platforms, she is also an engineer, a dancer, and a bibliophile.

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