A New Way to Send Genuine Love This Diwali

By Vasundhara Dudeja in Editor's Pick 12/10/2018


“The moment I entered the lush green paths of Om Creations for the first time, a cool wind from the shadow of trees, a happy silence and a sense of austerity greeted me and it was hard not to revel in the serenity and smile.”


Om Creations Trust was founded by the parents of a specially challenged child in 1991 for people with down syndrome and has progressed as far as to establish a proper educational system for the autistic!


Dr Radhike Khanna, the educationist pioneer behind this trust elucidates on how she came to be here, “My whole struggle was how to make people with down syndrome a mainstream contributing members of the society. We found a way to make that happen by unboxing the academic criteria that have been imbibed in us and go beyond it know more about the human being and its potential.”


Just the feeling of being in a place, where all you could see was hard work, simplistic skewed smiles and emotions so pure and realistic, that you actually felt closer to the feeling of being a human being after spending just a little time with them


Inside the place, long tables were neatly sprawled out in an open verandah, adorned with many women bowed and deeply involved in their creative ventures. They were sewing beads, folding papers, painting beautiful flowers on handmade clothes and crafting Ganesh’s effigies.


Om Creations



Autism Om Creations


Autism Om Creations


It was my first visit, and as I was entering their workplace through a muddy path, it struck me a little odd to see a girl slapping herself and another waving excitedly on seeing me as if she has known me my entire life.




Om Creations Autism


There was a store inside in which all of their creations were exhibited and behind the store a kitchen where they worked with a larger than life chef to create delicious delicacies.


Autistic Women in Kitchen


The moment I entered, some smiled, some waved, one took me to her table to show me a beautiful purse she had just attached the strings to.


Om Creations Trust


It was the day when salaries were being distributed. I quietly asked them, “what will you do with this, my love?” And pouring came witty replies with smiles such as “ I will save it, I will put it in a bank, I will party with it! ”


It is so often that we categorise the ‘special’, and the handicapped as disabled. What we often don’t realise is that they are capable of leading a normal life. And the Trust has proven it by enabling more than a 100 “special” people to financially and emotionally equip themselves and live life in a free manner.


They learn, they fabricate and they create! And their innocent voices are yet to reach out to you for your support.


Vasundhara is an in-house content creator. Other than past experiences of writing including writing as an Intern for The Hindu and various other platforms, she is also an engineer, a dancer, and a bibliophile.


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