The Hope and Happiness in New Life

By Staff Feministaa in Editor's Pick 22/10/2018

Change, verb, to become different or to make somebody/something different.


An ephemeral phenomenon, an ever-moving dynamicity and the embodiment of difference, how can you define a change in your life? Does it come in the form of a new dress, a new job, a new place or a new relationship?


Whatever may be the form, to change is to embrace, to change is to renew. To change is to listen to a different astonishing story that the world is telling you every day.


Russian writer, Nikos Kazantzakis rightfully explained this notion of change while describing Alexis Zorba in his book Zorba the Greek,


Like the child, he sees everything for the first time. He is forever astonished and wonders why and wherefore. Everything seems miraculous to him, and each morning when he opens his eyes he sees trees, sea, stones and birds, and is amazed.


 “What is this miracle?” he cries. “What are these mysteries called: trees, sea, stones, birds?”


Our learning inclines us toward a net that encapsulates our future. We thrive every day for a more stable job, a better salary, a better relationship and a pleased family. Giving in to this amidst the race often becomes the obvious option. Whereas, resistance to it is risky, disorienting, unapproved of and dangerous. But does that make resisting wrong? No, it makes you work towards a chance of happiness.

Changing yourself is like throwing yourself in unchartered territories full of doubts and challenges. But each change, no matter how big or small comes with a golden flipside to it. This flipside is where liberation and hope lies.


To see the miracle that is change is similar to see a new life unfolding before your eyes. The way a new-born moves their hand to embrace the outer world, the way each breath brings them closer to a beautiful human they might become, the way every time they smile, it gives you hope, to wake up each day and look out for that innocent and nonchalant smile.


To conclude, change is inspiring.


And To Inspire is Incredible.


Staff Feministaa

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To Inspire is Incredible.

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