Why Is Hiring Women Developers Still A Challenge?

By Staff Feministaa in Editor's Pick 26/12/2018


Whether it’s a small start-up or a large enterprise, women developers represent only one-third of a technical team. In a survey of 1000 women developers from all over the world, hiring women developers still remains a significant challenge.


When we say equal opportunity, does it mean equal pay?


Women developers majorly start out with a formal degree in computer science which helps them get into a technical field to kick-start their careers. But the curves of their careers start lagging in the progressive years as compared to men who graduate with the same degree.


According to the survey conducted on 1000 women developers all around the world, the skills and experience that women gather, rarely translate into leadership roles.


Their careers start descending in the progressive years due to lack of mentorship and limited opportunities.

According to the survey, more than half of the respondents mentioned that they were actively looking for a new job. In fact, most developers change jobs within two years, only 20% of the developers stay on for four or more years.


Their constant search is a consequence of one of the major challenges that they face which is recruitment bias which leads to drastic pay disparities.





According to the Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum, a woman in India earns 60% lesser than a man for the same job.


As Hillary Clinton explains in a Netflix Special on ‘Why Women Are Paid Less’, “While men and women may start with equal opportunities, it may not convert into equal pay. That’s because women go through a thing called, ‘motherhood penalty’ i.e. the same woman without a kid earns and rises as much as a man but a woman with a kid is assumed to be the primary caretaker and misses out on opportunities and promotions.”


When analyzed how much a woman with a kid works, it was found out that on an average, a woman works 9 hours more than a man per day. This means that in three months, a woman is giving a year worth of working hours of that of a man.


Can Blind Hiring Help?


Instead of turning a blind eye, women developers think that companies should try blind hiring.


Blind hiring refers to any technique that anonymizes or “blinds” any demographic-related information about a candidate from the recruiter or hiring manager that can lead to bias. Using technical recruitment software is a great way to incorporate blind hiring into your recruitment process


Worker-friendly policies like remote-working options, child care services, and flexible schedules could also go a long way in encouraging women to work freely and achieve milestones in their respective fields.


Incurring self-worth is a two-way process. As Sheryl Sandberg says, when women learn to ‘Sit At The Table’ is when women will start re-negotiating for themselves and standing up for what they rightfully deserve


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