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By Priti Bhengra in Editor's Pick 22/02/2019

Hasn’t dating become a lot easier with the increase in dating apps? Seems like our dating circle just grew bigger and with more options with features where we can filter more effectively and disqualify inappropriate match for bad behavior with a few taps to unmatch. But is this dating circle the serious relationship type or a circle to feed to the ego boost; no one can tell.


Michigan State University, according to a research done in September 2014, stated that couples who meet online are 28 percent more likely to split up within one year.


The average adult between 18-30 spends about 10 hours per week on dating apps, but most of them spend time on the apps as a means to spend their free time with no real intention to converse with the other individual.


Most of the individuals who spend time on the dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Happn, said they had a love-hate relationship with the apps. For although the app did provide a more clear screening process for the prospect future partner but does not initiate a conversation and does not provide a clear status of the relationship. It has been seen that most of the relationships starting from online dating apps do not turn into serious relationships. Although the quality and duration does not depend on how the couple met, the seriousness of the relationship may be affected on online platform. The technical evolution of dating has made finding real soulmates extremely complicated and clinical.


In an article in The Washington Post,

Study author Aditi Paul explains that when you meet someone swiping among so many other options, you’re probably more aware that there are other potential relationships on the horizon at any given time. You don’t share a social network, so it takes more time to make a true judgment call on a romantic prospect.


In another article by The Huffingpost,

David Wygant explained that his very first experience on the dating site was not too pleasant and could push someone, with low self esteem and social anxiety, over the edge. It in some way tests your camera skills as the chance to match with someone increases rapidly with a quality picture, and dating online is a look game rather than a love game.


However Michael Rosenfeld, a sociology professor at Stanford University, points out that you can filter more effectively by learning a bit about your partner before you ever say hello, as well as “disqualify” an inappropriate match for bad behavior with a few taps to unmatch. “A larger choice set means people have a greater chance of finding a match, especially if they are looking for something hard to find — like a same-sex partner, or a partner who is a vegetarian mountain climbing Catholic,” Rosenfeld explains.


Like everything on this earth, online dating too has positive and negative aspects. Internet dating is difficult for the same reason that dating has always been difficult. To go out on dates with someone new, an individual would make arrangements, primp up, get high hopes, only to find that there is no compatibility between you two. The difference lies in the seriousness with which dating is started. When meeting someone new through friends or family, a serious relationship is most probably in question and the tendency to mess that up is low for fear of ruining your relationship with the bringing you two together.



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