Seven Women Entrepreneurs Share their Startups Stories at ROAR 2019.

By Avilasha Sarmah in Starting Up 03/04/2019

Roar, an event encouraging women achievers from varied fields, organized a live-pitching platform called the “Startup Bazaar” for women entrepreneurs to showcase their companies and products. Seven women presenting their unique startups sat with us backstage to talk about their journey and inspiration that drove them to become game-changers in their own right.


Startup Bazaar Booths at ROAR 2019

Startup Bazaar Booths at ROAR 2019


Nikkitha Shanker – Co-founder,


Nikkitha Shanker, Co-Founder Shoppre

Nikkitha Shanker, Co-Founder Shoppre


“We’re into international shipping and consolidation.”


Nikkitha Shanker – Co-founder, talks about how her startup provides a virtual address to people living aboard so that they can use that to access Indian e-commerce platforms. This is specific to e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc, who don’t do deliveries outside the country currently.


These items first come to their facility and they provide free storage of 20 days. Once all the items they need are brought within the speculated time and get accumulated, they ship it in one box to their addresses abroad.


She talks about how she had grown-up in Dubai and herself being an NRI along with her co-founder who had studied with her abroad, they often faced the problem of getting items from India. In order to ensure smooth delivery of Indian goods and make them accessible abroad, they came with the idea of Hence their motive is to allow the availability of Indian goods at a cost-effective and time-saving manner abroad.



Yeshoda Karuturi – Founder, Rose Bazaar.


Yeshoda Karuturi - Founder, Rose Bazaar

Yeshoda Karuturi – Founder, Rose Bazaar


“Rose Bazaar is a startup focusing on flowers and we want to make flowers a way of life for urban Indians.”


Yeshoda Karuturi, the Founder of Rose Bazaar, talks about selling flowers by localizing it in the Indian context. They provide subscription boxes, especially during festivals and even weekly subscriptions for home décor and daily flower needs.


Describing her experience she says how when she used to mention flowers to people, they would tell her that it dies in two days! She says how she wanted to change that very cycle. To help prevent people from going to the florist shop to buy flowers every two days, she came up with the concept that delivers flowers right in their doorstep.


Calling her business quite ‘women-centric’, she says how they work with the local puja ladies who generally do deliveries to apartments. She says how they have aggregated them together and taking them as partners, built up this business from scratch. Being a women-centric startup, she calls it quite ideal to be part of Startup Bazaar; the event especially designed for women entrepreneurs.



Aparna Thakker – Founder, Empowerji.


AparnaThakker, Co-founder Empowerji

AparnaThakker, Co-founder Empowerji


“We empower older adults by teaching them technology.”


Aparna Thakker talks about how in the past couple of years technology inclusion in our lives has increased such that it has made life convenient. The younger generation has been reaping the benefits of the same.


“But there is a whole generation of people above the age group of 50 who don’t know how to use technology. So we are bridging that gap and we’re helping them learn and adopt technology.”


She draws from personal experience, wherein the older generation struggle with how their grown-up children do not have time to teach their parents things like technology. She says unlike when we are young, our parents patiently taught us everything, but we do not harbor the same level of patience.


“So I decided that if I have the knowledge, it’s good to share that knowledge and then it started off with simple things like conducting workshops and then it grew to Empowerji.”


She received an email about Roar from “She Leads Tech”, the organization she is a member of. She found the concept of a women-led platform quite interesting and a great place for networking and showcasing one’s product.



Seema Bhattacharjee – Founder, Aasma Technology Solutions.


Seema Bhattacharjee, AasmaTechnology

Seema Bhattacharjee, AasmaTechnology


“We create mobiles in various technology solutions for clients as well as generate our own in-house products.”


Seema Bhattacharjee talks about her startup idea of “Superb Parents” describing it as a unique platform to cater to all parenting needs. Especially, for instance, choosing a child’s school and college, to nutrition, which vaccination is right, health queries, to the right apparel, amongst others. They will be responsible for providing age-appropriate content to the consumers.


Their principal clients are parents with kids from 2 years to 18 years. Once they are enrolled in their platform, they will provide age-appropriate resources to guide parents through the process.


She says how the seed for this idea came up when she was struggling to choose a school for her daughter in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where they reside. She calls it a ‘painful process’ to choose the right educational institution, right from the formalities of an admission form! Understanding this crucial struggle of every parent, especially in tier 1 cities, they came up with this concept which began with schools and later relegated down to other key dynamics like extra-curricular activities, nutrition, etc.


She talks about how when they go on tours, they always look out for parents who have their kids of the same age group and they are then grouped together for future tours.


“Basically we want to make parenting fun because we struggled a lot during this process and whatever we are learning from that process, we are trying to share with all the parents.”


A member of the “She Leads Tech” Community, she said that she supports events like ‘Startup Bazaar’ in Roar, which is a great opportunity for networking.



Sangeeta Yadav, Co-Founder & Director – Portflip


Sangeeta Yadav, Co-Founder & Director - Portflip

Sangeeta Yadav, Co-Founder & Director – Portflip


Sangeeta Yadav, founder of Portflip talks about her startup which is an intracity logistics aggregator.


“We are basically the Ola for trucks and tempos.”


She says that they are currently operational in Mumbai and Pune. Anybody who needs a truck or tempo can book it by using their Android app. There is also a website through which one can make the bookings, and a customer care team to help out.


“We would like to be the premier organization of logistics in the entire country.”


Sangeeta explains how logistics is very unorganized and scattered. Their principal motive is to make logistics easier for people. Furthermore in an age where technology has taken over almost every aspect of life, then why not also logistics, she asks. She says how the very mission of Portflip is to back technology with innovation and dedication, and in doing so making easy and hassle-free logistics for everyone.


She says expresses how as a member of She Leads Tech, a group which is the collaboration of Facebook and YourStory, she came across this event. She says how this event promoting women entrepreneur, especially those just starting out, was greatly appealing. As a platform to showcase startups and their products, ROAR provides opportunities for startups and she expects to make the most of this.



Sindhu Raju, CEO, Winzy


Sindhu Raju, Founder – Winzy App


“We have developed a live trivia gaming app and we give out real-time cash, products, deals, and vouchers to the players of Winzy.”


Sindhu Raju, the Co-founder of talks about creating a trivia gaming app. She says, gaming because it is general knowledge and it’s also fun.


She talks about her startup getting shortlisted for the Startup Bazaar. While there, they are seeking to make the most of the opportunity and live pitch investors.


She says how she does understand that people do look out for opportunities, especially when it comes to deals. Nobody really wants to miss these kinds of things. But when it comes to her startup, Winzy, although there are deal sites out there, nobody desires to keep a list of all the deals, especially during the relevant time.  Hence, in this regard, they are trying to bridge this gap. She explains how when we go shopping, we can scan the QR code and avail the deals that are happening around us and even start utilizing it on spot. “So that’s what Winzy does, it bridges the gap between the deals and people and at the relevant time.”



Shubhi Agarwal, Co-Founder, LocoBuzz.


Shubhi Agarwal for ROAR 2019

Shubhi Agarwal for ROAR 2019


Shubhi Agarwal the co-founder of LocoBuzz, while talking about her startup explains the dynamics of customer experience.


“We are a complete customer experience platform which allows you to understand your customer, your influencers, your ecosystem, and establish a relationship with your consumers which will help you increase their lifetime value.”


She explains how they use a platform driven completely by technologies like AI, Big Data Analytics, and Automation. They have three products used in tandem to help brands understand their customers better – their likes and dislikes. On the basis of this, they can establish first-hand conversations with them.


She talks about how they are trying to enable businesses to understand the importance of keeping the customer in between and then driving the strategies. This is because when a customer is shops, they are not just buying the product or when they reach out, they are not just reaching out to the service centers, they are buying a product from a company and they are expecting service to be given by that company, she explains. For them, the division of departments does not exist. To help with this, her startup is creating an ecosystem for a brand. This enables brands to understand the requirements of their customers. Hence, instead of working in silence, they can instead work together and create a complete experience for the end consumer.


Talking about Startup Bazaar in Roar, she calls it an interesting platform for women entrepreneurs. The details got her excited enough to seek this opportunity to create visibility about her startup and talk about what they do.


Currently curating a creative team for Feministaa! Apart from that I am a wanderer who loves to write. Places call out to me and I enjoy making poetry out of moments. Do check out my book – “When the Cuckoo Called”.


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