The Ultimate Work Cafe Guide! – Gurgaon Chapter

By Avilasha Sarmah in Editor's Pick 07/05/2019

I pass by the hefty bookshelves in an airy store and see a small café. There are simple furniture, wooden tables and chairs filled with people. 90% of them are staring into the screens of their laptop and there is an uncanny silence. If I didn’t know it was the Blue Tokai Cafe in Bahrisons Bookstore of the Galleria Market, I would have mistaken it for a co-working space. As I sat there, typing in frenzy on my own laptop, people came and left, but with the intention of working. The conversation ice-breakers were, “Can I share your extension cord?” Or “Is the wifi working?”



Off late the idea of workspace has changed. The Millennial Generation more or less have a mobility workspace, carrying their work/businesses anywhere they go in the world, all we have to do is just ‘log-in’.


Corporate city Gurgaon is accused of being an office city, earmarked by glass high-rises and individuals in formals, rushing to maintain their 9-5 cabins! But if we take a closer look, there is a slight change. In an age of start-ups, the work culture is getting modified. People work out of their bedrooms at 2AM or overlooking the sea in the destination city, Bali. In the middle of this, there is also a new strung on individuals who prefer to work out of cafes.


What exactly are Work Cafes?



There is no set identity of a work café. Any café which is peaceful, has wifi and is okay with people sitting with long hours with just a cup of coffee could be a ‘work-friendly café’. But of late many cafes have specifically identified themselves as ‘work cafes’, not built for but open to the idea. This is because the basics of a mobile workspace are primarily the wifi which is generally a no-brainer. Often with the advent of start-ups like MyHQ, Magicpin, Myinstapass, among others, work cafes can be booked for a period.


These cafes are normal cafes serenading as work-friendly.


But if you an individual looking for a café to work from, it is better to be specific:


It is important to make sure that the ambiance is of a certain type – are there other people working too, is it airy and has light, is not crowded, is it quiet?


Whether the staff is open to people sitting long hours with just one order of a coffee etc, using the wifi?


Is there enough plug points to your device.


Location – is it well-connected, parking spaces, etc.





To simplify the quest for a perfect work café, below is the list of the best work cafes we came across in Gurgaon. But as the frequents have expressed, the idea is to keep stick to the variety, because the true purpose to keep the creativity alive!


  1. Soul Garden Café


The café in a beautiful garden setting maintains its cool even in the summers. Although seating outdoors is not advisable in the heat, there is a cozy air-conditioned inside sitting enlivened by fresh flower décor and decked with a big screen that could be used for events. With a comfortable array of well-lit tables and chairs and a good wifi connection, it is a great space to tune into your own space. There is also office stationery and printing machine available, along with a stack of interesting books. Whenever you want to unwind, you can indulge in a game of pool or play with the in-house Chihuahua, Daaku!


Although there are a number of people turning up to work here, yet the mixed crowd does have the capacity to make it noisier.



2. Café StayWoke


The South Point Mall in Sector 53 has been recommended by the majority of work café lovers. Unusually peaceful for a mall, it has some remarkable cafes that moonlight as work cafes because of the quiet tucked away ambiance!


Café StayWoke is crafted in an interesting splash of colors and quirky furniture. With a menu true to keeping one refueled and wake as is the name, the café officially hosts working individuals from Monday to Wednesday. With good wifi and ample plug points, this café’s bright loud colors are alive and welcoming!


Since we visited on a Friday, the music was a little too loud and it was buzzing with visitors, yet there were a few people still working. The artificial lighting and the noisy ambiance could be a disturbance, yet it is still a good place to plug in.





3. Sibang Bakery


This beautiful bakery has some of the most delectable quick bites to keep one energized during their working spree. There is a line of tables, mostly filled, where one can sit for hours getting lost in creation unaware of the world outside. The crowd could be a bit on an off on the peaceful side, yet if you can carve your own peace, this place could be just perfect.


4. Blue Tokai Café, Bahrisons Bookstore:


A mini co-working world of its own and fueled by some of the best coffee, this tiny café also has a balcony seating.  Mostly thronged by people seeking to concentrate, one can blend in the best here. Also as you work, you will come across some interesting people and end up networking for good. Plus, the stack of brilliant books surrounding you is the best feeling. Although there is a lack of food options plug points to recharge your devices, if you carry your power banks or got out to choose from multiple options just outside in the Galleria Market, you are pretty sorted.


Disclaimer: We were loaded with options but could zero it down to these four so far. However, we are on the lookout for some interesting cafes, will be updating this space on the go, keep your eyes hooked!




“Different places inspire me to be different”, says a Digital Nomad with multiple projects up his sleeve.


In conversation with a few fellow regular work café goers, I realized how most of the individuals were either self-employed, freelancers or entrepreneurs in their own right. As creative individuals, most of them said that they received a creativity boost by working from different cafes. The main reason is because cafes give out no-holds-barred non-set office vibe. Some said how they too tend to feel restricted in a routine 9-5 office set-up. New spaces every day tends to keep one inspired.


Money is another factor. As self-employed business owners or freelancers, working from a café is cheaper compared to paying rent in a co-working space.




But unlike working from home, working from a café daily helps set a discipline. “At home, I can see my bed, or there is family around and it is easy to get distracted.” Homes could get too comfortable for work.



It is best for networking. Most of the individuals engage in a kind of work that requires creating fresh content. This is best influenced by the changing surroundings around us. Cafes with new individuals turning up every day are the perfect space for that. Also working in such close proximity with like-minded minded individuals helps establish a network, and equally helps in brainstorming new ideas.


Currently curating a creative team for Feministaa! Apart from that I am a wanderer who loves to write. Places call out to me and I enjoy making poetry out of moments. Do check out my book – “When the Cuckoo Called”.


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