Shepherd of the Lost: Arpita Verma

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“A life with a purpose is a life well-lived.”

People say your aura greet others before you actually see them and if Arpita Verma’s aura could be seen, it would look like sunshine and rainbows. She personifies the philosophy of living life to the fullest. With the vision of transforming lives, Arpita zealously talks about being a Life Coach. She started this journey almost 20 years back and since then changing people’s lives for the better is her passion.


Life happens when we are busy making plans and that’s exactly what happened to Arpita. The go-getter, all-rounder girl who was inspired by her father to become a businesswoman and have her own fancy office, went to the US to do an MBA in marketing and finance. She had everything planned but life had something else in store for her. After a few years of coming back from the US, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This medical condition had neither a cause nor a cure. A person so full of ardour, adventure and joy suddenly felt the life draining out of her soul. Living with MS was not a part of her grand scheme.


MS became the point of transformation in her life. The medical condition did not just affect her physically but it also became an altering factor for her mentally. The paradigm shift from being a seeker of adventure to needing help in taking a few steps was unsettling for her in the beginning.


Turning a new leaf in life, Arpita learnt and began this journey of rediscovering herself. “It didn’t happen overnight. It took me two years to the first battle with myself, battle with the world in my own space and also battle with God,” says Arpita. 


She divulged in the general rhetoric of being angry and questioning “why me”. Nonetheless, in the span of two years, she transformed that “why me” to “why not me”. Her zeal for life was so potent that even MS couldn’t take away her sparkle. She expresses utmost gratitude towards her family, friends and relatives who held her hand and gave her hope throughout this journey. “The world around is blessing me and loving me. I feel abundant and this gives me strength”, adds Arpita. She found her inner self again to rebuild her life with a new profound purpose.


Arpita was inspired by a lot of people during her MS journey. She says, “Rajiv Virat, a fellow MSer, Sister Shivani from Brahma Kumaris were namely a few huge role models in her life.” Arpita seeks everyday motivation from life and the people around her. She fondly talks about finding inspiration from little children because they teach her the simplicity of life. She says, “Kids have no grudges and no fear of failure.” She fondly calls her six-year-old nephew a “big Buddha” and source of her inspiration.


The people’s person, Arpita, connects so much with the people around her. A lot of other people who were also suffering from MS were amazed at the positive energy Arpita radiated. She became a role model for not just people with disabilities but also people who were facing different challenges in life.


Living with a disability was challenging and transcending for her but she concocted her own philosophy in life and converted her self-given tag of disability to ability. She has become a Life Coach and continues to help people “Unknot the Not”. This motivational speaker founded the philosophy of converting every mental knot of disbelief, doubt and fear of failure to confidence, self-sufficiency and I CAN. She Founded Inner Quake and is now on a voyage to transform lives and inspire people. She is a certified Coach from ‘International Coaching Federation’, who has set her head to use her gift of words in aiding people’s life.


“We love being victims. Why me? The world has wronged me. Come out of victim stories and embrace the victorious stories.”


She believes that we can all be our own Life Coaches by pulling ourselves out of the drama of misery. She expresses one can overcome anything in life by understanding their true worth.

Being a life coach and helping people overcome their struggles and losses in life can be a taxing job. Arpita professes, “So many times there are stories that would literally tear my heart but at those moments as a Coach, I have to channel all the strength and retain distance to help people better.” To refuel and feed her replenished quota of positivity, Arpita diligently practices yoga and meditation.


Arpita faced various obstacles in life and MS was one of them. However, She says, “the obstacles I faced, surprisingly, weren’t from the world outside. It was really inside me.” She further adds, “I was the first person who started doubting myself. The world outside was always waiting for me. I had to challenge myself to embrace those hugs and love. So, MS wasn’t an obstacle, it became a facilitator for me. It helped me find my true purpose in life, otherwise, I would have probably been Investing and Marketing the way I was trained. This really gave me my life’s purpose.”


“Do not ever lose what you believe in. You are much bigger an idea than what you look like, what you may speak like or what you are doing in life. You are much bigger than that and if you know your true worth then you will never ever fall victim to any crisis in life.”


Nothing can dim your inner light if you have the enthusiasm of living life like Arpita. She says, “I never have a dull moment. I love living life.” With a conviction and passion to live life so strong, Arpita believes that “You have to love what you’re doing to become successful. If you don’t love what you do then you won’t even stand a chance in life. You need to love your work, believe in it and the success will follow. Persevere every day, nothing comes easy in life. Stick to your heart and your work.”   


If you love life as much as Arpita Verma does then life will surely love you back. Arpita is a true example of loving life and accepting every lemon it throws your way.  

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