“Death penalty for rapists is the only suitable punishment”

By Mansi Sharma in Happenings 16/12/2019

India is in the middle of a rape crisis.

Let’s face it and accept it! The women of today are scared to step out even in the broad daylight. They buy pepper sprays before buying books, they invest more time in being watchful of their surroundings than actually living life. All of this has led to nationwide protests and demands of killing the rapists in full public view. But is this the perfect solution?



The encounter of alleged criminals involved in the heinous Hyderabad rape, that once again led to outrage across the country to demand women’s safety, left the Indian judicial system in the purview of a huge question mark. The police, while lauded for the act, was sent into scrutiny as no justified explanation of the act was presented by them. And most importantly, it did little to safeguard the future of women.


So, what are the interventions we need on policy levels to punish the rapists and ensure that no such crimes take place in the future?


Pranav Goel, a young practising lawyer says while it is important to serve death sentence to rapists, it is even more necessary to scrutinise their background and understand what led them towards violence.


“A rapist doesn’t turn a rapist overnight. He has probably seen his father abusing his mother and has grown up thinking it is normal. Or his friend circle is influencing him to harass women. It is important to hold his parents and/or peers accountable as well.”

He also insists that proper rehabilitation of survivors, even if found within a rapist’s family, should also be ensured.


A nursing staff working at a government hospital in Mumbai professes that seeing serious cases of rape victims have made her cold towards the rapist. She also believes that hanging the rapists is the only solution to set a strong precedent for anyone else who is planning to commit such a gruesome crime.


“Once proven guilty, they should be hanged immediately. There is no need to call them for further trials once the crime is proved and they shouldn’t get any lawyer support from government end for mercy petitions.”

Both of them agreed that education and conditioning plays an important role in preventing rapes and thus there is a dire need of promoting healthy sex education and initiate a dialogue on sexual relationships, so the power structure ends.


Pranav also adds that all these measures can be effective for those on the lower end of the economic ladder, but for the rich and influential, it is important to conduct an impartial police probe.


“The rich can afford good lawyers, who can keep the case dragging for years. This needs to stop. They should be held accountable for their actions.”

While he couldn’t suggest a probable solution to this problem, he believes that strong policy intervention is needed here.


The nation wants death for the rapists but after a due course of trials, which shouldn’t extend more than a few months. They want the police and medical staff to be active and on their toes to support victim’s statements with strong evidence, because justice delayed is justice denied.



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