Chhapaak trailer promises a striking tale of strength and hope

By Mansi Sharma in Reviews 18/12/2019

You wither in pain, your heart breaks with each shriek and cry of Malti, but before you spiral in a zone of hopelessness, the trailer of ‘Chhapaak’ empowers you with a strong will and hope.


The gut-wrenching and beautiful story of an acid-attack survivor, Meghna Gulzar’s stunning directorial ‘Chhapaak’ has been one of the most intriguing and awaited projects that Bollywood announced in the past year. Its trailer–released earlier this month, projects why it was so!


The 2-minute-19-second long trailer navigates through the moments of trauma and triumph lived by Malti, based on the life of braveheart and inspirational Laxmi Agarwal, with a seamless motion.


Deepika Padukone, who plays the lead role, is unbelievable with her performance. She is vulnerable and broken in places and strong as a hill in others.

Another heartening presence in the trailer is Vikrant Massey. He plays the role of a journalist and Malti’s partner. As always, he delivers more than you would expect an aide in a typical Bollywood film would.


The chemistry between the two in the trailer is not of a riveting romance, but a natural and believable bond that grows from friendship, trust, and support.


Meghna Gulzar is once again spot on with depicting human emotions in the rawest form. Each frame is meticulously planned. You don’t see just a burnt face only, you see the spirit of a woman, who is being questioned for being violated, igniting as well. The trailer also promises some enthralling performances by the supporting cast, including the lawyers and the convicts.


Editor Nitin Baid has been commendable in supporting Meghna’s directorial vision with the trailer and has set up some high expectations from the movie, all set to release on January 10.





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