Turning Startups into Successful Businesses: Yatin Thakur

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He used to sit on the back-benches and qualified for the next class with just passing marks; Yatin Thakur knew it from a very young age that IITs and IIMs are not where he will be able to go. “So where?” was the one question he needed to find an answer to. It did not take him much time to realise that he is not meant to take orders but to create jobs worth working for. And that’s how this “accidental entrepreneur” found himself amidst a world of innovations and inspirations.


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The founder of CoWorkIn chain of co-working spaces, this serial entrepreneur is passionate about helping new businesses on the block grow. This comes partially from his dedication towards his job and partially from his experiences of being a young entrepreneur trying to make it big in the business world. He missed finding a strong support system to keep him motivated during the early days of his struggle. And that’s why, today, with CoWorkIn, he is not only providing physical spaces to budding businesses but also an inclusive platform to ideate without the fear of finding the right resources.


“Failure rate in the startup industry is very high and that is the reason we built shared spaces, which allow you to sustain yourself for a longer period of time. It provides you with the right access to people and the right motivation to succeed,” he says.


Some of the most successful startups started their journeys from his office including the very popular chain of hotels OYO, the troubleshooter for all urban problems UrbanClap, and the new health guide for the millennial HealthifyMe.

Another amazing thing about CoWorkIn is the equanimity of opportunities it has for women entrepreneurs. Yatin feels that women have more entrepreneurial spirit than men and are at par with them in the industry. He says that there have always been women who were doing something of their own, but the sector was not organised.



“There are always these women who are doing something of their own. They might have lesser jobs but there are much more self-employed women. It’s just that they were not organised. Hence no one knew about them. Now, we are getting to learn and hear more about them. We are getting to see more and more women entrepreneurs getting together, to form support groups where they talk about their business ideas and are collaborating with each other to succeed.”

That’s why Yatin is making sure that these brave and bold women get the security of space and a healthy working environment to start their entrepreneurial journeys. He is extensively delighted to share that more than 40% of his fleet at CoWorkIn is female.



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