• The Feminist Fable of the infamous Frida Kahlo

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending

    1 WEEK AGO

    A Mexican Artist with flowers in her hair, mischief in her eyes and a bridging unibrow she adorned with pride, meet Frida Kahlo, the woman, the myth, the legend, whose life was as grand and vivid as her self-portraits. Frida is celebrated as a Feminist goddess, a great Artist and a visionary but a lot about her life, that inspired her art, remains undiscovered.  “I used to think I was the s..
  • Your Losses Are Your Biggest Strength: Anam Mirza, Founder, The Label Bazaar

    By Staff Feministaa in Celebrity Interviews, Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    “I am fortunate enough that I could turn something that I love into my career.” The bubbly fashion enthusiast and the founder of The Label Bazaar, Anam Mirza exuberates immense gratitude as she shares her journey with Feministaa on becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur.   Anam was born into a family of sports enthusiasts and had spent a good portion of her early life on basket..
  • Raise Your Voice, Stand Up and be a Malala

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    A young girl who embraced courage and education even at the gunpoint of terror, Malala Yousafzai is not just a global Advocate for Education, she is a woman who has paved a fearless path of knowledge for generations to come.   Malala once said, “I don't want to be thought of as the "girl who was shot by the Taliban" but the "girl who fought for education." This is the cause to which I..
  • The Unsung Hero of Sergio: Carolina Larriera

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Reviews, Trending


    A simple google search of the name Carolina Larriera, describes her as “Sérgio Vieira de Mello’s wife”. The Netflix Docudrama, Sergio, introduces Carolina as a passionate, beautiful, Economist who worked with the charming “World’s Mr Fix it,” Sergio, to help humanity. Warped in the identity of a life construed by stages of Before, With and After Sergio, let’s deconstruct the woman..
  • How to be Achhe Ghar Ki Ladki: Guide For Every Desi Girl

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    You aren’t allowed to be just a girl in India. You have to be the achhe ghar ki ladki to be accepted & appreciated by our sanskar ridden society. Follow these easy-peasy rules and never be defeated by any Sharma-Ji-ki-ladki ever!       Say no to feminism Feminism is a plot of terror to astray poor, innocent girls from the righteous path of patriarchy. It mak..
  • FaceTime Photography in the Times of Coronavirus

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    Artists are in lockdown, just like the rest of the world, but art isn’t. Since quarantine has become a new reality, Photographers from all over the globe have embraced this hindrance as a new form of art.     Instagram is swamped with the new trend of virtual photography where artists use mediums like FaceTime, Zoom Call, Skype and other video call options to conduct photo sho..
  • Rise of Domestic Violence Against Women during the Coronavirus Pandemic

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    Global crises are known to affect women the most in every society. Violence against women was already a prevalent issue however the nationwide lockdown has added misery to their plight. The UN has referred to this issue as the “shadow pandemic.”   Women and girls are often the primary victims of domestic violence. With nationwide lockdowns imposed in many parts of the world, women a..
  • What Would the World Look Like if Every Woman Stands Up for Herself

    By Priyanshi Sharma in Fashion & Lifestyle, Trending


    Close your eyes, now imagine a world where equality prevails, gender is a fluid construct, women get equal opportunities as men and they even get to walk freely on the roads at any given time. This imagery might seem Utopian to many, but would you believe me if I tell you that all this is possible?   If every woman would stand up for herself then the landscape we live in today would be ..


  • Resistance is Female

    By Mansi Sharma

    14th January, 2020

    Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg, staring at now impeached US President Donald Trump, as he reached the UN Climate Summit, was one of th..

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