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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up. – Pablo Picasso
Achievement has no age. If you have talent, and you’re blessed with the right opportunity, you will reach your goal. Such is cc, who was discovered through Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
Chosen out of 5000 children, Harshaali aka Munni is truly a super success story. And like any success story, behind every successful person, lies a series of struggles, and an immense amount of support from beloved ones.
Harshaali, is blessed to have a mother (Kajal Malhotra), who is not only supportive of her children’s dreams, both of them, (Harshaali and her elder brother Hardik), but also is immensely dedicated towards helping them fulfil their dreams. Kajal’s efforts in accompanying her daughter throughout all the auditions and toil before she got the role, cannot go unseen.
Being A Supportive Mother
“Would it have helped had you known someone in the industry?”
We asked her a question that is the most common one that comes to a layman’s mind. It is said that knowing someone makes the journey a bit easier initially. But there will always come a time, where your talent will be challenged. In an industry where there is fresh talent with unique artistic sense and ability to absorb the character, it is your talent that is more valuable an asset than your “contacts” or “network” in bollywood.
I feel that talent is more important. If you possess talent, today or tomorrow you will reach that goal. Kajal Malhotra
Like any other child, Harshaali, is fun loving and super gentle! Her parents try their best to give her a normal childhood.
People who know her, know her love for Bollywood and stars. What separates her from other children is the undying ambition that sparkles in her eyes.
The clarity with which she said that she wants to be nothing but a star when she grows up, left the Feministaa team flabbergasted!
The Biggest Struggles
Her journey from Harshaali to Munni, has not been easy. There have been tremendous amount of sacrifices made by her family that many people don’t know about.
When she was travelling on shoots, Harshaali’s mother had to accompany her for obvious reasons. Kajal Malhotra, proudly talks about how her husband, Vipul Malhotra, supported this decision, and undertook household responsibilities along with taking care of Hardik (Harshaali’s elder brother) while mom and daughter were away
Hardik, who is himself pretty young, has to stay away from his mother and his sister for long months. No matter how normal stardom sounds to people, for a simple family to come to terms with the changes in daily lives is very difficult.
We were amazed to find that the family, including Harshaali’s grandparents, have come together (leaving Delhi) to support her career choice. Today, it seems, she wouldn’t be able to fulfil her passion, without the support of her beloved ones.
Things we don’t know about Harshaali
She comes from Delhi
She’s been a model since she was one and a half years old!
We’ve seen her in advertisements (Hyundai.. etc)
She’s an academically oriented bright kid!
Games with Harshaali: What comes to your mind when you first hear?
Harshaali, is one of the most fun loving children we have seen. The team decided to play the one word game with her.
Naughty: “Hardik”
Angry: “Mumma”
To hear more, watch the video..

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