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Make up is an art form, not everyone can master. It’s more than just applying foundation, mascara and eyeshadow. It’s more about defining the facial structure in the most creative way possible . When a makeup artist is given a face to do his artwork, he is responsible for creating a beautiful mask which he uses to create a story or portray their unique art form. Every artist has his own unique way to create a story.

We believe that any artist has his true calling, a true inspiration. He/she sees this particular art form in their own unique way. Feministaa interviewed three prominent make up artists and asked them some relevant questions which every bride/ client should know before choosing her artist.

Feministaa Features the best in the Industry

“Flaws are altered in a way that makes a woman feel confident about herself”

Tejasvini Chander is a trained artist, educated from one the most outstanding schools globally, which has helped her combine the best of some very perse styles and ideologies of makeup and hairstyling. She believes that everyone who wants to make a successful career in the field must not hesitate to invest in the right kind of training. Adding on, the model of apprenticeship is the best teacher in the world. Just like any other field, even make up requires the right guidance. Tejasvini has had a mentor who helped her gain the right perspective and helped her learn the ropes of the field.

Some Indian woman go for hair colouring and deep skin facials to change the way they look. Rather, Tejasvini believes that the two things which every beautiful Indian woman possesses is her skin tone and her beautiful dark hair. One should never underestimate these two and be proud of it.

Also, while choosing your make up artist, Tejasvini says, “ Brides should always make sure that the artist’s aesthetic sensibilities are very close to their own. Even if you are not sure of the exact look you want, if you and your artist are always on the same page then you are bound to love everything they create for you”.

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” Your art speaks aloud and so does mine”, says Maya Mehta

Maya is a professional make up artist and she has had a valuable experience working with varied types of people from different industries. Maya believes that most indian women are blessed with perfect wheatish complexion ,defined facial features and a natural radiant glow on their skin. They should not let that go and use make up as an escape. Make up will help them enhance their glow but they should never lose the essence of simplicity which makes them who they are.

Every make up artist is different and its very important who you chose for “ The Wedding Day”. The most important factors while choosing the right makeup artist are reliable references , proper due diligence and a trial which can help you get convinced about the credibility of the Artist. Just by looking at the pictures of the artist, one shouldn’t get fooled. There is more to pictures as they are a photoshopped version of the “not so perfect” artistry. Maya says, “The bride  should believe in the capability of her make up artist to the extent that her make up should be the least of her concerns on the most important day of her life”.

She always make sure that whenever she meets her client, she makes them comfortable by knowing about their lifestyle, listen to their experiences and then give her suggesions and opinions about the same. It is of utmost importance to be a patient artist, as make up as an art form is not for the fast and frivolous .Each client has a list of requirements and its very important to know the client properly before providing her services.

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“Any kind of artistry comes naturally to you and your personal style should reflect in your work.”

Avantika is another of our favourite handpicked Make up artists we interviewed. She is trained in the prestigious institute AOFM London. Feministaa spoke to her about her views on some of the most asked questions about Indian women and their perspective on make up artists.

“We indians are drawn towards the “fair and lovely complexion”. But, the truth is that most Indian women are dusky in complexion and that works very well with makeup. Indian women also have beautiful dark eyes which look extremely impactful especially after correct usage of eye makeup”  says Avantika Kapur.

Avantika is a specialised bridal make up expert and she has dealt with innumerable brides over the course of her career. She believes that while choosing a bridal makeup artist, every bride should ensure that the makeup artist’s style should match their expectations. Also, a certain comfort level is important for both the bride and a makeup artist.

“It is very important for a makeup artist to know when to stop application”

Make up artistry requires continuous training and skill enhancement. Avantika ensures that she timely hones her skills and upgrades her kit with the latest and the best products in the world market. Also, one should ensure that even if they take a break, practicing on your mom, sister, friends will always help them be in touch with this art form.

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” By using their Magic brush, these three ladies are making women look beautiful from the outside but the true radiance still comes from within” – Feministaa

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