This is not a one-woman show. We owe it to the creative ones, changemakers, and contributors to build the platform.

Our Contributors

Sonia Motiwani

Featured Writer

A full time business analyst, and a passionate writer, she is hopelessly attracted to the passionate struggle story that every women entrepreneur has lived today! We possibly couldn’t have had someone better than her to write about women achieving new heights in the start up sector!

Shubhda Chaudhary

Featured Writer

Shubhda Chaudhary is a Research Scholar. Her strong opinion on women-centric issues brought her to Feministaa. Her participation in International Conferences and Leadership Summits at University of Cambridge and Washington D.C, completely explains her immaculate sense of writing and expertise.

Asavri Sharma

Featured Writer

Asavri is a content specialist. Supremely ambitious and self-driven. This erudite intellectual loves her daily dose of a hot cup of tea over which she enjoys debating profound subjects like women’s right and the misogynistic attitude prevalent in India.

Shriya Sinha

Featured Writer

Shriya has an hungry appetite purely inclined towards writing. Her talent orientation is spots friendly. She binge eats to survive. To hit the road with her canine is always on her retreat itinerary.

Riya Sinha

Featured Writer

Riya is a sports aficionado. Travelling is always on her bucket list. She’s always up for a girls night out and some good foot tapping music and she fancies all things in Vogue.

Supriya Iyengar

Featured WRITER

With a decade of experience in writing, her complete oeuvre includes an eclectic mix. From working in the Indian crafts sector to writing short stories for children, Supriya has associated with start-ups and established enterprises alike.

Tushar Priyadarshi

Featured WRITER

An engineering student who aspires to become an educationist, Tushar is a perfect blend of the arts and the sciences. He is not very good at numbers, but certainly very good with alphabets. His love for writing got him to write for the Hindustan Times. He is a Bollywood buff who dares to be different at all times.

Tapasya Pandita

Featured WRITER

An English postgraduate student from Delhi University, Tapasya is deeply passionate about fictional writing, she aspires to write strong feminist and social realist pieces that impact the readers’ consciousness about the functioning of social structures that impose unspoken influence on their lives. To explore culture as a forum for social change is the motive she alludes to her work.

Shobhit Bhatnagar

Featured WRITER

With love for an eccentric combination of music, maths, physics and writing…oh and also poetry, Shobhit is THAT unconventional guy who can strike a chord with most people in the room. He enjoys hanging out with friends and doing stuff that he hasn’t tried before. His simple outlook towards life is reflected in his pleasant personality and upfront disposition.

Sumedha Srivastava

Featured WRITER

Pursuing Microbiology and knitting stories to carve up her dreams. When not writing, she will be conducting experiments in the lab and be spending her salary on shopping. Can be found at any peaceful corner with her nose buried in a good book. Ambition is her surname and that’s what inspires her to go on and dig some worthy content out of her mind for the dearest readers.



As a lawyer in the making and an undying passion for photography, Siddhanth has taken time from law to strike a balance between his creative side as well as his logical side by freelancing in videography and photography.

Sinjini Sengupta

Featured WRITER

A qualified Actuary by profession and a writer cum web columnist cum painter cum elocutionist by passion. As a writer, short stories has so far been her favourite genre. One of her stories recently made into a film has been selected and screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. As a web-columnist, she writes on gender issues, social reforms and parenting ideas

Ritika Jain

Featured WRITER

Ritika has been working as a freelancer in content creation and editing for about 2 years now.Also worked as a content editor with S Chand Group of companies and have interned as an assistant content editor with McGraw Hill publications. She’s currently freelancing as a content writer/blogger with some publication houses and a few social media start ups.