Success Story Of MP’s Young Entrepreneur – Suchita Bhargava

In the world of machine made merchandise and rapidly increasing technology, the charm of a traditional hand-crafted item is diminishing. In such scenario, it is organisations as Rang Desi, which are aiming to protect the art from vanishing away. Rang Desi is co-founded and managed by Suchita Bhargava, who is also the CEO of Rang Desi.

Before Rang Desi, Suchita Bhargava worked in private firms for six years but then decided to launch her own venture. With the help of a loan of Rs. 32 lakhs, under Mukhyamantri Yuva Udyami Yojna, she has managed to set up the successful handloom business, Rang Desi.

She recently attended the Young Entrepreneur Summit in Bhopal and was honoured by MP’s Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He wished her best wishes for her future endeavours, at the event.

Rang Desi was started in 2012, in order to take Indian handloom and handicraft to every home and heart. Rang Desi is established with an aim to produce quality content with innovative ideas in designing and crafting.

It runs with a genuine desire to promote Indian handloom and handicrafts, and create a sustainable environment for the craftsmen and Artisans. Rang Desi aims in removing the middlemen and improve the compensation of artisans, craftsmen. They ensure that all the goods are of good quality and are provided to the customers at a reasonable price.

In a world where we are still fighting for women’s rights, examples of young female entrepreneurs like her truly portrays that a woman is no less than a man. Suchita is definitely an inspiration for many women who have a desire to set up a business of their own. Also, the fact that Suchita is promoting art and culture which is slowly and steadily being eaten away by commercialisation is remarkable in itself.

Suchita Bhargava is another name shining amongst the success stories of women entrepreneurs. It won’t be wrong to say that within short span of time, Rang Desi has touched great heights of success.

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