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About Surabhi

We wanted to interview a feministaa from the education sector, but were unable to make up our minds till we heard Surabhi Dewra speak at a seminar. Young, and rebellious she was someone who could inspire many many young women with the tumultuous story of her success.
Surabhi left her 9-5 job, to continue her passion in education. She wanted to solve the problem of confused students all over the country and to pursue this dream launched her website www.careerguide.com. Ever since then, she hasn’t looked back. Today, her website not only provides career guidance to over a lakh of students all throughout the country, it also helps organizations pick up suitable candidates as per their education.

The Interview

Surabhi’s interview was very intriguing! Her story was not that of a usual techie, quitting her job to start her company with a few friends. Her story was something very unusual! At a very stage of her business, she went on to a start up show, “Starting Up on ET Now” to get funding. Unfortunately the show turned out to be a disaster! Surabhi’s idea to give career guidance to 20 million aspiring students in the country was rubbished off by Vishal Gondal; a famous entrepreneur and angel investor.
You’re running a business, you’ve put your heart and soul into it. And then comes a person who just rubbishes it off!

Surprisingly, in spite of all the idea bashing on the show, she showed tremendous amount of courage and belief in her idea! Many people who knew Surabhi were surprised that she didn’t break down! When talking about it Surabhi was smiling, and continuously stressing on the fact, that the crazy tumultuous times, are actually fun for her!

Surabhi pitched for her idea on the show, without a script or any preparation! The concept of the show being that entrepreneurs had to present on the spot and the time they would get “LIVE” with the investor on the show was it!

The Turnaround

Surabhi’s idea was big! And it did have tremendous potential.

Mr. Vishal might have spoken just the opposite on air, but he did end up becoming one of the investors with careerguide!

Being the only female entrepreneur, out of 20 participants, was itself an achievement for Surabhi! But things turned out to be just perfect for careerguide! She bagged an investment from Ronnie Screwala and Vishal Gondal post the show. Not only were they her investors, but her mentors as well. It was a 360 degree turnaround for Surabhi, who had heard the same people say “This won’t work”; the three deadly words for any entrepreneur!

Being a Woman-preneur

Surabhi, very confidently conveys that she does nothing to prove to others! Her idea, her work and her ambition is all due to her love towards herself. She wants to prove that she can “make it big” to herself! This kind of a spirit is very rare in women, but if adopted, one could do wonders!

Don’t do it for somebody else. Do it for the love of yourself When you do it for the love of yourself, trust me no obstacle can ever stop you!


As a feministaa, Surabhi has given the best answer to this question.

Rebels don’t need motivation!

Her answer said a lot more than she had spoken. Surabhi brought out a very positive side to the word “rebel”. After all doing something crazy, or doing just about anything for your idea is an infallible trait of a successful entrepreneur!

Keep the fire burning!

Surabhi has the same amount of passion everyday, no matter what the obstacle, and what the problem, she manages a team of 30, singlehandedly! We were curious to know, what drives her so much?!

All the love and the cribbing that I get for work, keeps me going!

Surabhi has all the innate qualities of a driven, passionate entrepreneur. And we wish her all the luck and love with her dream of being India’s only wikipedia for career queries!

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