Being Authentic Makes Work Meaningful, Says Superm...

“It’s very natural to be meaningful”Supermodel, Diva Dhawan was stunning as she opened up about starting out fairly young in the modeling industry yet managing to retain her authenticity.“The ...

By Team Feministaa

4 years ago

Embracing Sensuality: Gabriella Demetriades For Fe...

Standing in 2019, how much India appreciates women who are confident, bold and happy in their own skin?We asked Gabriella Demetriades, the brand owner of Deme about how India perceives bold beauties. ...

By Team Feministaa

3 months ago

Sonali Gupta

One of our handpicked Feministaas, Sonali Gupta is a professional Model and a renowned Anchor. She is the perfect combination of an ambitious Indian woman with the perfect tint of glamour required to ...

By Medha Mukerji

7 years ago