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By Staff Feministaa in 09/10/2015

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“As far as my background is concerned, I started to work when I was 21. I had started my career in 2010 with BNP Paribas Wealth Management as a support to Business Development and continued with Glaxo SmithKline Consumer Health Care in their Accounting Control/Tax/ Commercial department.


I have also worked as a General Secretary to an NGO called Human Child Age Care Educational Society during the year (reg) 2013 – 2015


When I was at BNP Paribas, I would be editing their product notes and pitches for the clients. Soon enough, I knew that before I do an MBA and then start my own company, I had rather have the experience, and vision of exactly what I want to do, and then study further that would help and enhance my business.


I had taken my GMAT once and scored well enough to get through an Ivy League, but only a finance course would suit my kind of profile. I wasn’t ok with that.


I incorporated the company in June 2015. I never saw this as a startup, but I always envisioned Feministaa as a company, where I would retain my team members, have a motivated ambience, and have a huge office in a glass building!




Not only do I want to change the way media functions and communicates news, but I want to use content to tell people all over the country, that times are changing and women have changed or bounced back.


“All our content, advertisements, creatives, articles and events we do, revolve around depicting the new and empowered feminine.”


StartUp Features: Over 200 startups founded and run by Indian Women

Celebrity Interviews: Over 30

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