To Inspire is Incredible CONTEST

We are delighted to announce the Incredibly Inspiring Contest powered by Feministaa Media Private Limited exclusively for Kaleidoscope Fest for Sophia College.

It's Very Simple

  • In everyday life, from the time we wake till the day end, we come across so many awe-inspiring stories of people often not realising it: be it the maid that comes to our homes, our mother, our father, the peon in the college, the janitor. A little depth and everybody has a story worth listening to! all you need to do is to have the right set of eyes and compassion!

  • Create a short, Inspiring Interview and showcase your skill as a storyteller and the future next big name in journalism!

  • You don't need a high-end camera nor you need a big team, what you need is content worthy to be shown. So take your recorder and your inner zeal and mix them together to show us all an interview with Inspiring people!
Register Now!

terms & Conditions

  1. The video can be from 1 min to max 5 min long
  2. Mail us your photograph, name along with the description of yourself and the person you are interviewing and the reason behind selecting the person and mail it to
  3. The video should be easily accessible and properly labelled tagging @feministaa on Facebook so that we get notified.
  4. It should be an inspiring and motivating interview
  5. Interview can be of any language(subtitles, if necessary)
  6. This contest is open for a limited number of people, To stay updated on the final winner announcement follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  7. The Winner would get an opportunity to meet and interview ANY INSPIRING WOMAN of their choice. The will work with our team to make their dream interview a reality!