Figure me out, you’ll never figure me out !!

Figure me out, you’ll never figure me out

I am of shapes you were never taught

I am the exception to all things refined

I am the rebellious undefined

I am the little speck of dust

And other things unwanted

The crumpled piece of paper

In the left corner of your jeans

Where your fingertips never care to reach

Or hoped to find anything substantial

I am the answer to your questions

I am the questions never asked

I am the split drop of water

The forgotten, unacknowledged

I bring people to places

I am the map on wrinkled faces

I am the never ending argument

I am the lover’s kiss

I am the prick of a needle

I am the bending on a nib

I radiate heat

I am the sun, or perhaps

A fire

I consume myself

I am all things mysterious

All kinds of pain.

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