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Pencil9 Founder Dr Trisheetaa Tej on Realities of Working From Home for Women

“She needs to have an identity for herself. She is a mother, a daughter, a ...
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CView Founder Chavi Agarwal on Gender Parity and Women in Tech

"How long are you going to do this for?""You don’t ask a man how long ...
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Wear Equal Founder Preeta Ghosal on Underwear, Equality & Intersectionality

“Women from all walks of life, from different stratas of the society, different cultural backgrounds, ...
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Lokatantra Founder Tannisha Avarrsekar on Authenticity and Politics of Information

“Be as you wish to seem.” If you are trying to do something and put ...
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Begin A Dialogue on Women’s Health with Anika Parashar, Founder of The Woman’s Company

“We are worth that extra time. We are worth that little bit of extra money ...
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Indian Matchmaking Fame Aparna Shewakramani on Self-worth & Entrepreneurship

The feminist icon and an absolute boss who rose to fame with her stint on ...
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