Aashna Shroff

“Blogging is just not for women” -Aashna Shroff

Fashion, beauty, makeup and Aashna Shroff are words you are likely to use in one sentence. A fashion blogger and woman with a mind of her own, Aashna Shroff has a charming personality that made her a social media sensation.

From fashion trends to make up tips, there is nothing which misses her eyes. Speaking to Feministaa, she spoke at length about what drives her to do what she does and what makes her blog The Snob Journal stand apart.

“In the next 5 years, I see myself doing the exact same thing that I do simply because I love it so much.”

She is a young blogger who gathered a fan following of over  1 Lakh in less than a year.  When asked about what she thinks about male fashion bloggers, she was swift in her reply that

“Blogging should not be restricted to a gender.”

She attacks a long-standing myth that beauty and brains cannot coexist.

“If you look around you’d find so many inteligent women who are actually ‘beautiful’, as one would puts it. This proves that beauty and brains are completely non related.”

Speaking about working women, she points to the fact that working attire for women has evolved over the years.

Inspired by Blake Lively, this young blogger has become one of India’s top 5 fashion bloggers and  Feministaa wishes she keeps inspiring women and men to do what they are passionate about.

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