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A platform that fuels unstoppable growth and prosperity amongst aspirational Indian women.

Feministaa is a platform that I, Medha Mukherjee, started along with my cofounder Vidhi Sagar, in 2015. We’re so grateful to our well-wishers and super strong community of supporters, that despite the Covid 19 wave, we have bounced back.

In a new post-pandemic world, we believe that that content will be an important fuel to drive a gender neutral environment.


Medha Mukerji in an interview with Sudha K Murthy at the Jaipur Literature Festival 2017


And that women will play a very strong influential force within the society towards driving that change.

We hope that our well researched content is able to showcase the reality of indian working women and add to your perspective. We hope that our content surprises you, educates you and at the same time we hope to fuel inspiration.

by sharing inspirational stories, Feministaa was launched to ignite and reignite the will power amongst working women, to encourage them to keep striving towards their personal independence; be it financial or emotional;


Medha Mukerji in an interview with Shirley Setia in Mumbai


Almost a decade later, after launching the platform, today our team of content creators are working hard, to give you authentic, insightful, and inspiring pieces of content around the most inspiring Indian women achievers; from various industries; to learn from.

This website is your home away from home; an opportunity to watch and contribute towards building a community of powerful women.

Letter from the Founder

Dear Reader

Firstly Thank You so much for supporting a passion project like Feministaa. I am eternally grateful to you for reading, watching and engaging so gracefully with the content that me and my team have strived to create for you. Since, I have personally very rarely spoken about this platform, during the second innings of my media company (shut down during COVID), I want to be more interactive and vulnerable with Feministaa’s readers.

Feministaa is a platform that I had started along with my cofounder Vidhi Sagar, in 2015. We aim to grow into an all-inclusive, and empowering woman-centric platform. The Media company will be a space that fuels unstoppable growth and prosperity, both personally and professionally, amongst aspirational Indian women.

We at Feministaa are striving our best to give you authentic, insightful, and inspiring pieces of content. With the grace of our well-wishers, friends and a super strong community of supporters, despite Covid, we have bounced back.

In the last eight years, Feministaa has beautifully culminated into a space where women can voice their real opinions and thoughts. Many ideas/topics of interviews at Feministaa have culminated from personal experiences of the founders, writers and other team members.

My personal reason for building a platform was because I could never find the right mentor while working at a corporate organisation. There were hardly any working women in and around my life, even in office! I also found it very surprising that most people lacked empathy towards problems related to working women. Either because women wouldn’t speak up, or because most women wouldn’t continue to work after marriage or children. Intuitively I felt that content can change this. Content can bring about awareness, and information towards myths regarding working, ambitious, achievement oriented women.

My first ever book, that was my mentor and guide; was Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. And that’s when I first realised that this is a global problem. When I started interviewing women, I realized that our struggles were so relatable, and their stories were extremely helpful in answering questions related to dilemmas of women having personal and professional struggles.

As the very first step towards a new post-pandemic world, I present to you the latest version of the Feministaa website.

Keep in touch and Keep interacting with us.
We hope to keep serving our readers and watchers with better content and varied perspectives and the truth.

Medha Mukherjee