The Team

We encourage the spirit of free boundless thinking and action! The team at Feministaa is not only moved by the grave issues that women face at work today, but also the innumerable responsibilities & expectations that ambitious women have to cope up within society. Every bit of the website is created and edited to inspire every generation of woman. 

Our only ethos, is to create authentic content around every  indian woman achiever. 

Gayatri Thomas

I’m Gayatri Thomas, a BSc Psychology undergrad and one-half of the dynamic twin duo. When I’m not delving into the human mind, I’m cheering for my favourite football team or binge-watching K-dramas. Add in some BTS tunes, a dash of language learning, and a sprinkle of Bharatnatyam, and you’ve got the recipe for my eclectic life!

Arpit Chhikara

My eagerness to learn and to enhance my skill set in the field of analytics made me pursue Master of Information Systems specialising in Business Analytics. Upon graduating, my learnings as a Student and as an Intern in the Australian work environment has played a vital role in developing excellent work ethic, analytical & communication skills.

Sonia Motiwani

A full time business analyst, and a passionate writer, she is hopelessly attracted to the passionate struggle story that every women entrepreneur has lived today! We possibly couldn’t have had someone better than her to write about women achieving new heights in the start up sector!

Priti Bhengra

Experienced Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the Retail industry with a keen interest in Fashion styling. Skilled in AutoCAD, Photography, Adobe In design CC, Adobe Illustrator, and 3D Studio Max. Strong media and communication professional with a bachelor of design focused in fashion communication from NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY, MUMBAI.

Riya Gupta

Firm Believer in the idealogy of Craftsmanship and heritage with emphasis on femininity and modernity. Want to bring back magic to fashion with larger than life, humorous and poetrical creations.

Indrani Biswas

Proficient in Making YouTube videos for various brands and channels. Experienced Content Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the web journalism industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in Editing, Creative Writing, Management, Marketing, and Public Relations.

Divyani Jaiswal

I am a freelance artist. I have a huge passion for Art. I draw Illustrations, Pencil Sketches and Portraits. I have a flexible and home based work where I create illustrations based on client briefs. I have done many commission based work. Designed Book Covers and Illustrations in collaboration with authors.

Charul Negi

Passionate for immersive storytelling and data-driven business solutions. What draws me closer to this industry is the velocity and volume with which it is evolving. We live in the age of digital information, and its impact on business processes and advertising methods is inevitable. I wish to improvise on traditional methods and invite the experience of more innovative brand solutions.

Sanyam Saini

I have learnt about the different tools of mass communication. Having understood about the different mediums and working on how to produce the content, I have skilled myself in the areas of photography, cinematography and editing. My experience have taught me the packaging of the content that can be delivered in the markets for various platforms.

Poonam Daga

There’s no product, brand, or a film that can survive without quality content. And I have got ample ideas to make your advertisement aesthetic, appealing, and content-driven.

Upasana Nagar

An experienced Communications Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the technology and financial services industry. Comes with a sound understanding of media operations, and communications background with an MBA (Communication Management) focused in Public Relations, Corporate and Applied Strategic Communications from Symbiosis International University.

Divya Sharma

Using content to create stories for brands in the #SAAS and #D2C sphere! I am a visionary whose idiosyncratic ways help brands effectively communicate their values, keep the readership alive, and stay ahead of the curve. I believe CLEAR & CLEVER content is the cornerstone of effective marketing campaigns!

Radhika Sinha

Radhika Sinha is experienced in product and brand strategy, visual design, and experience design. She believes in leading with value and creating an impact with her work. Radhika is an alumna of the National Institute of Design (NID) and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). She has also studied at Heriot-Watt University, UK. Her passion for design is sparked by curiosity. She enjoys having conversations and understanding different perspectives. When Radhika is not designing, she engages in reading, travelling and photography.

Abhinaya Varsha

Experienced in Marketing and Client Servicing with a demonstrated history of working in the events industry. Skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility, Microsoft Office, Operations, Business Development, and Corporate Communications. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor of Arts – BA focused in Journalism (HONS) from Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University.

Manu Swal

A creative thinker who is passionate to explore new opportunities and undertake dynamic challenges. As an enthusiastic traveler, I enjoy capturing the beauty and culture of the places I visit. I’ve endeavoured in various fields including- Creative Production, Digital Marketing, Content Writing. Working with various organizations and brands has given me a wider experience net that has strengthened my organizational abilities to manage work & teams with ease.

Swati Bindal

Creating visual content, graphics and motion video, motion graphics, VFX, video curation, direction, Event post production.

Diksha Ghanshani

I’m a Multidisciplinary designer and researcher focused on designing with a human centric approach. I’m quite versatile and always look forward to improving the product’s experience, user engagement, and overall market growth. Design is something that has always fascinated me since a young age. I truly believe in Massimo Vignelli’s ideology that, “If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” as NID has taught me to handle any design problem as the process of solving it remains the same across any medium.

Arpita Adhya

I cover k-pop, k-drama and Asian Entertainment scoops for HITC. From in-depth coverage of Asian Entertainment gems to the latest fan obsession, HITC is your one stop for Asian Entertainment tidbits.

Priyanshi Sharma

Apart from Heading Content & Interviews at Feministaa I am a Marketing, PR & Publicity Writer , Content Creatior & a Radio Enthusiast.

Siddhanth Dave

As a lawyer in the making and an undying passion for photography, Siddhanth has taken time from law to strike a balance between his creative side as well as his logical side by freelancing in videography and photography.

Avilasha Sarmah

I write because the earth calls out to me to describe it! Author of fiction – “When The Cuckoo Called”. Currently heading the Content Team at Feministaa!

Saloni Jain

An enthusiastic individual who believes in the power of achieving anything and everything through persistent effort and sheer determination. With exposure to accounts, economics, and math in high school, to a bachelor’s in history; from debating at the national level to playing sports at the national level, from dramatics to following the path of spirituality, and then pursuing the art of Journalism, topped with Digital Marketing and PR, I’ve had my finger in almost every pie. 😀

Ritika Jain

I am a freelance writer/ editor working on different projects. I find routines boring therefore I look for work that breaks the monotony of structure. I like mess; a world buzzing with ideas rather than one being run by a dictator. I like experiences and experiments. I write blogs, website content, academic content and sometimes copies because I want to learn as much as I can with the little time I have. I am a passionate person looking for challenging opportunities in a creative world.

Sumedha Srivastava

Pursuing Microbiology and knitting stories to carve up her dreams. When not writing, she will be conducting experiments in the lab and be spending her salary on shopping. Can be found at any peaceful corner with her nose buried in a good book. Ambition is her surname and that’s what inspires her to go on and dig some worthy content.

Sinjini Sengupta

A qualified Actuary by profession and a writer cum web columnist cum painter cum elocutionist by passion. As a writer, short stories has so far been her favourite genre. One of her stories recently made into a film has been selected and screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. As a web-columnist, she writes on gender issues, social.

Shobhit Bhatnagar

With love for an eccentric combination of music, maths, physics and writing…oh and also poetry, Shobhit is THAT unconventional guy who can strike a chord with most people in the room. He enjoys hanging out with friends and doing stuff that he hasn’t tried before. His simple outlook towards life is reflected in his pleasant personality and upfront disposition.

Tapasya Pandita

An English postgraduate student from Delhi University, Tapasya is deeply passionate about fictional writing, she aspires to write strong feminist and social realist pieces that impact the readers’ consciousness about the functioning of social structures that impose unspoken influence on their lives. To explore culture as a forum for social change is the motive she alludes.

Tushar Priyadarshi

An engineering student who aspires to become an educationist, Tushar is a perfect blend of the arts and the sciences. He is not very good at numbers, but certainly very good with alphabets. His love for writing got him to write for the Hindustan Times. He is a Bollywood buff who dares to be different at all times.

Supriya Iyengar

With a decade of experience in writing, her complete oeuvre includes an eclectic mix. From working in the Indian crafts sector to writing short stories for children, Supriya has associated with start-ups and established enterprises alike.

Shriya Sinha

Shriya has an hungry appetite purely inclined towards writing. Her talent orientation is spots friendly. She binge eats to survive. To hit the road with her canine is always on her retreat itinerary.

Riya Sinha

Riya is a sports aficionado. Travelling is always on her bucket list. She’s always up for a girls night out and some good foot tapping music and she fancies all things in Vogue.

Asavri Sharma

Asavri is a content specialist. Supremely ambitious and self-driven. This erudite intellectual loves her daily dose of a hot cup of tea over which she enjoys debating profound subjects like women’s right and the misogynistic attitude prevalent in India.

Shubhda Chaudhary

Shubhda Chaudhary is a Research Scholar. Her strong opinion on women-centric issues brought her to Feministaa. Her participation in International Conferences and Leadership Summits at University of Cambridge and Washington D.C, completely explains her immaculate sense of writing and expertise.