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Medha Mukherjee is the current Founder and Director at Feministaa Media Pvt Ltd. Started her career at 19 working in wealth management. Medha has always been an avid reader, writer and a piscean dreamer.

“I believe being a feminist makes you more of a woman. I am against any kind of criticism when it comes to defining such movements as black and white. It’s a fluid feeling. But to feel empowered, irrespective of a gender bias, is the best feeling in the world.”

With her poetry being chosen and published in a national paper at the age of six, Medha’s best expression has always come forward through writing. From building a college magazine, to writing for numerous publications, Medha has always been in the world of communications throughout building her parallel career. Finally she took a leap of faith as an entrepreneur and founded Feministaa Media at just 26 years,  and began writing, directing and producing content full time. 

With no professional training up her alley, most of her learning has been on the job. But that didnt stop her from building a full fledged media platform and today eight years later, she has the badge of doing over 92 interviews up her sleeve today, and a couple of awards. 

In 2019, she launched an events company, that brought together ambitious women from all corners of her country (India)

Medha Mukherjee with shabana Aazmi

Certified Yoga teacher

But the entrepreneur doesn’t promote the general hustle culture, rather has a pretty wholistic approach to entrepreneurship.

In 2018, Medha started her yoga training journey; from Ubud, and travelled and trained with various teachers in Rhishikesh and in Goa. She has travelled extensively across India, in search for the meaning of life and it’s purpose and finally completed her Vipassana meditation in December 2019. 

Today, her versatile life experiences, define her wholistic definitions of success and love. 

Medha strongly feels that healing oneself, is a continuous process and that it’s a journey everyone needs to take. For themselves.

The Writer

“In a country like india, where a section of the population, is struggling to fathom the sudden global culture and the other section is figuring out their voices; it’s important for millennials like me, to voice honest and truthful opinions.”

“I believe in fairy tales. The Fairy tale could be of finding a prince charming, being founded by a prince charming, or finding the company of your dreams or driving your favourite sports car” 

“I believe that women deserve chivalry, feminist or not.” “women struggles in the workplace should and must be highlighted. Working women should not be given a stereotype, such as “bossy” or “not family oriented”. 

I want to dedicate my life not just by living this example but also by telling stories of women, who are ambitious and large hearted; who have sacrificed for their families; and who have made strong choices so as to not to bear any bullshit even if it’s from their own family. 

I feel we need to read, watch and listen to such stories. And at feministaa my goal is solely to produce content around this.

The Founder/Entrepreneur

“I believe women and more women should be encouraged to work. Men definitely have it easier when it comes to most industries. And it’s high time women encourage each other and help each other. We still as a country fall back on the number of women at work index. So, for all the naysayeers who claim, “no cmon, we now see so many women. Women empowerment is over done. Blah blah. Please go and see the numbers” 

Today Medha’s goal is to build feministaa into a more interactive, creative media platform that has authentic, empowering content around working women.

She is motivated by empowered women, and watching women being empowered is something she aspires to work for during her lifetime. During COVID, she took up the role of an advisor & media consultant for startups that are just beginning their journey’s in this space.  

“There is only one ‘extra’ in an ordinary to make it extraordinary”  

Medha Mukherjee