Dr Aparajita Gogoi Catalyzing Change & Empowering Women with C3

“You are in no way a second-class citizen. You have equal rights to be on this planet, to be in this country and to be in your family.”

Young and impressionable girls are often conditioned by the patriarchal society into servitude and a dilapidated sense of self-esteem. Dr Aparajita Gogoi talks about the crucial tools that women and girls need to improve their lives and empower themselves in an exclusive conversation with Feministaa.

If you nurture girls with education, equality, instill them with self-belief and provide them with fruitful opportunities then it’ll aid in empowering a generation of women who will change the course of history. Centre for Catalyzing Change works with adolescent girls as well as women to educate them about their rights and provide them with an enabling environment. Watch more to find out how to make the world a more gender-equal and gender-sensitive place!

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