Taking Travelling to another level! “Chalo Let’s Go!”

Taking Travelling to another level! “Chalo Let’s Go!”

“Ladies should be in a job like teaching where they can give enough time to their families”

After working with Google and McKinsey in the HR sector, Shailza Sood Dasgupta left it all for travel, writing and photography. With a clear mission of spreading happiness through travel, and making sure that people celebrate this occasion called life, she started ChaloLetsGo! in 2010. 

About the startup

Chaloletsgo! is a unique travel startup that aims at providing customers the unforgettable travel experience by assisting and guiding them explore the hidden gems of India. During her work stint at google, Shailza had started trying out weekend trips. 

“Travel had always been a way of life to me. I love challenges and routine bores me to the core.” 

“So taking the decision was not difficult, but what all followed was challenging.” There was some initial hesitation from the family as I was leaving a high paying regular job to be an entrepreneur, but my confidence and determination made them comfortable. And now I have their full support,” she says proudly. Shailza recalls that she was not able to maintain the same lifestyle after leaving her well-paying job, and there were times when she was unable to pay for her bills. “But I knew this is short term and once I have established myself I will be the most satisfied one,” she adds.

The Chalo Let’s Go Elite Club!

After serving more than 5000 travellers, Chaloletsgo! (CLG) has started an initiative CLG Elite with an aim of bringing together senior people of the society to celebrate life in their second inning.

CLG Elite club today has more than 1000 senior citizens benefiting from it.  The company is also venturing into schools with a unique concept in educational trips that combines the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning.  “With this initiative we hope to use our travel expertise in turning kids to nature ambassadors,” she says proudly. 

About Shailza!

Shailza starts her day with a hot cup of tea, sitting with family and discussing the day’s plan. “It’s the expectations of my followers that keep me motivated all the time. There are people waiting to travel with me and there are readers waiting to hear my stories, If, by any chance, I am not able to make some travel plan a particular month, I am flooded with queries,” she mentions. 

While Shailza has had immense support from her family in starting up, she realizes that a lot of women have to face difficulties. 

She recommends the fathers and Husbands, let their daughters and wives soar high. 

“Trust her capabilities and let her chase her dreams, She will surely make you proud if you give her a chance,” says Shailza. 

Shailza remembered being said that a travel job was not meant for ladies and that she would not be able to give enough time to her family if she was so ambitious.

Apart from what the society had to say, Shailza made a lot of adjustments in her life to be a successful womenpreneur. “Had I been in comfortable high paying job, I might be able to give more time to my family. This feeling does give me chills at times but that is compensated by the happiness I pass on to them,” she adds. 

Challenges and Motivations! 

Making yourself and your company visibly apart from the competitors is the biggest challenge these days in any business. But Shailza has done a good job in carving out a niche for herself. 

In this entrepreneurial journey, she has grown from a shy submissive girl into a confident, cheerful person who knows how to get things done. 

Her advice for the future women entrepreneurs to be determined and realize their dreams. “There will be times when nothing will go as per your wish and planning but be patient, believe in yourself and don’t stop putting efforts. Results WILL follow!” she says.

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