How to make your balcony the perfect hangout spot?

How to Make Your Balcony Look Good | Balcony Makeover Ideas

Your favorite hangout spot should fulfill certain checkboxes. It should be lively, simple and comfortable. A balcony space outside your room can be turned into the perfect hangout spot, if you have the required resources and if you are willing to put your creativity to work. When turning an empty space into the perfect balcony, keep these suggestions handy:

A green belt: If you already don’t have a green belt in your balcony, you can very well create one. It can be created either by placing a few planters or by putting artificial grass carpet, which are available by the meter. You should opt for creepers or plants, which grow up to be creepers

Swing: Not for kids or an elaborate fancy one, one seated swing is a cool option to be put in one corner of the balcony. It adds an “adventure element” to your balcony space.

Hanging decorative items: There are a lot of options available in the market of decorative items, which can be hung from the ceiling, like pigeon cages or lanterns.

Sitting space: Either you can opt for a low-level mattress seating with some colorful and printed pillows, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the sky or a two seated garden set, which is a perfect date spot for two.

Candle stands and decorative standing elements add to the charm in the balcony. It should look like an extension of your personal space but in a green surrounding.

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