Pragya Batra, Co-Founder of Quirksmith Addresses Gender Gap in the Jewelry Industry

“Why is the world of Jewels Crafted by only Men?”

Pragya Batra, the Co-Founder of Quirksmith, addresses the gender gap in the jewelry industry by answering why the world of jewels is crafted by just men. She says jewelry has traditionally been run as a business in India. So by virtue of it being a professionally run industry, men were socially more inclined towards working as silversmiths. She elucidates that women are too included in the craft of making jewels however only as subordinates.

“No one in the business tries to solve problems and things that are not broken already.”

Quirksmith has tried to reduce the gender gap in this industry since its inception by encouraging women to learn the art of crafting jewels as well. This exceptional jewelry brand is successfully run by women from designing to marketing to every other operational role.

Watch the video to know more about this quirky and empowering jewelry line!


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