Life between Birth and Death

Life between Birth and Death

I just returned from a crematorium. My first encounter with the place. I was scared to death before entering.

After I entered, I was shocked to see it crowded. No sooner I entered could hear people howling and crying, consoling each other. The priests chanting “Ram Naam Satya Hai”. I could see all this, but my brain was on a different tangent altogether.

We individuals struggle or run behind so many things in life: money, relationships and success.

What is that we take with ourselves? Once you die, you take nothing at all. Neither the dearest of the thing that you own nor the people with whom you had a special bond. That’s when it stuck to me, what is the purpose of life? The struggle that we undergo in our entire life span is it even worth it? Once I stop breathing and my heart stops beating all I’m referred to as a dead body and not even with my name.

What is life then and, why do we keep running from pillar to post. Just to survive!

Long back I read somewhere, “Life is the duration between your birth and your death”. So whatever we do in this duration is it even worth the pain and stakes? I was having this discussion with quite a few friends and all of them said you make a big name for yourself and leave a legacy behind. I understand that people like APJ Abdul Kalam, Newton and Einstein are remembered and will be remembered. Were they satisfied while they were there on their death beds? I think that’s the only thing that you take – ‘satisfaction’ and even if you aren’t you still have to die.

I’m still too confused and juggling between too many thoughts in my mind. I know one thing — spread love and happiness. Tell people that you care about them, you miss them. Maybe make a difference in someone’s life no matter how big or small that is.

Possibly when I’m someday on my death bed, I’m satisfied about my stint in this universe.

To summarize all this in a line, “Yeh Duniya agar Mil bhi Jaye toh kya hai”.

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