Varsha Wadhwa

Varsha Wadhwa, the young and upcoming, yet another fabulous avant-garde designer from Kolkata strongly believes that fashion should not just be limited to fashion, as it can go way beyond that. This striking designer, hailing from the City of Joy, completed her foundation in fashion and art from the reputed London College of Fashion. Wadhwa then successfully graduated in fashion from, Istituto Marangoni, one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world. After being a cut above others in her early years in the fashion industry, Varsha opened up her own designer collection, VW Designs Co. in year 2014, which is undoubtedly an extension of her artistic mind.

In a Feministaa exclusive, we came to know the aspirations and dreams of this promising designer from Kolkata, whose designs reflect her elegant demeanour.

What’s Fashion for Her?

“Fashion shouldn’t be confined to any box”

Varsha has a strong feeling about fashion unlike many of her other contemporaries. This belief reflects upon her latest summer resort collection 2017, an out of the box product, inspired by Slim Aarons photography and the concept of La Dolce Vita, both of which echo exuberance and cool glamour.

What Inspires the Young Designer

“If you are into design, then you can see inspiration everywhere”

Being a young entrepreneur, Varsha Wadhwa knows the stress that comes along with creating latest fashion trends every new season. She travels to overcome this feeling, so her artistic mind can find creativity even in the mundane things of life. Varsha believes that if a mind is rejuvenated, then inspiration can be found anywhere at any given time.

Varsha Wadhwa has also won “Aparajita Young Achiever Award for Luxury and Lifestyle” by the Sanmarg group.

Designing is everything for Varsha and she never fails in expressing her feelings freely, which is vividly visible in all her creations. All of Varsha’s designs showcase an alluring Italian beauty layered with Indian roots, which have been put together strategically to create wonderful designs for the young Indian woman.

“Every woman, no matter where or what they are, at the end of the day, are beautiful from inside and soft, and feminine, and that’s what I want to bring out.”

She stressed on the fact that many Indian women have great figures, but owing to their ignorance about the right silhouette, they fail in complementing their body. This is where the designer wants to bring in change with her collection, which she aspires to bring forth the romantic and feminine side of every lady.

Pro Tips from the Designer

“You need to have that experience to discover your own style”

Varsha believes it is necessary to allow oneself to grow in the world after graduating in fashion. The self-realisation journey helps the designer to discover their own sense of style and fashion, which what she believes happened to her. She stepped into the industry after graduating and the experience through those years helped her grow a fashion label of her own later.

Wadhwa maintains a timeline to assess and check upon her success in life. She does this to ensure that she remains on the right path at the right time.

About her Fears

“If you are in a race, are you running to beat other people or is it because you want to win? It’s all about the perspective”

Varsha’s only fear is of not being fast enough to bring change to her designs. Being an artist at heart, she knows the pressure that comes along with designing newer trends every new season with the right amount of artistic touch. However, the young lady is stronger than the eyes can meet, as she takes up even this fear as a challenge and turns it into a driving force to help her be on time always.

The Antagonist in Every Designer’s Story

“As a newcomer, you are trying to find your own space and at the same time you have to be quick and get out there”

Varsha is strongly against design plagiarism. However, as they say, that you can mimic a result, but not the creativity, we can say the same about Varsha whose newest summer resort collection is beyond control for all the people who live just to copy others and not inspire.

Her Dreams

“In the coming three years, it would be amazing to see someone recognise my outfits on somebody and say – Hey! She is wearing a Varsha Wadhwa”

Varsha dreams of becoming a renowned name in the fashion world. She is thriving to make people recognize her creations easily in the coming years. If seeing is believing, then we can definitely say that a famous designer and entrepreneur in the making, Varsha Wadhwa is going to be the next big thing in the fashion world.