Sapna Bhavnani


Known for her unusual sense of styling, outspoken attitude, over-the-edge creativity, Sapna Bhavnani is everything this society doesn’t want a woman to be.

Feministaa brings to you an exclusive interview with Sapna Bhavnani, the woman who knows no rules.

As a teen, she drove motorcycles, had lot of male friends and smoked cigarettes which attracted nothing but derogatory remarks from people. Being called a “whore” couldn’t deter her to do what she likes. She moved to Chicago after her father’s demise but little did she know what fate had in store for her. She was gang raped at gunpoint on Christmas eve and suffered domestic violence after marriage. She lived it all for this day – when the whole country recognizes her as a celebrity hairstylist.

In conversation with Feministaa, Sapna Bhavnani speaks about how we have been constantly multiplying and dividing humans on the basis of race, colour and sexuality. She believes there is no end to this mathematics.

She has been married three times and believes she’ll be married many more times. Her strong opinions about marriage and blood relations have drawn flak from a lot of people. Her tattooed body is perceived to house a rebel. But that’s what she is – a Rebel – who doesn’t want to camouflage herself according to the colours of the society.

This society gives names to relationships. Sapna doesn’t believe that love and affection comes in a packet wrapped with DNA. The relationships we make with people we meet in our lives shouldn’t be valued less than our blood relationships.

People remember her for her stint in the reality TV show Bigg Boss. Famous for picking up fights with Salman Khan, Sapna has always been surrounded with controversies henceforth. Salman Khan is a big name in Indian Film Industry. However his rape comment, blackbuck case and road rash case have always been the talk of the town. Sapna’s ideas are simple and straightforward – Salman Khan is the beloved of Bollywood but that does not comply her to treat him in a certain way.

It’s interesting how a person who has mostly played characters endorsing misogyny on screen and is charged with criminal offences, has a crazy fan following. It shouldn’t surprise us because the society we live in is filled with exactly the same type of people. “Munni badnaam hui” passes as entertainment to majority of people. Sapna Bhavnani doesn’t bite words when speaking about the ‘bhai’ of the bollywood.

She is a woman who speaks her mind without the fear of judgements. She is expressive and proud of her work. She is a Feministaa.

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