“I depend on my own Emotions to design” – Suhani Pitte

“I depend on my own Emotions to design” – Suhani Pitte

Suhani Pitte is a well renowned name in the Jewellery Industry. A brand well known for its exquisite designs, Suhani Pitte has made a mark not only in India but also overseas. More than just a jewellery brand, Suhani Pitte deals with Silverware, Objects D’art, Gifts and even Designer Corporate Gifts.

According to the World Gold Council, Suhani Pitte is ranked as “One of the 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world”.

Apart from the recognition from the Gold Council, Suhani Pitte has also received Young Women Achiever award by Ficci Ladies Organization, The Audi Ritz Award, Youth Icon of Andhra Pradesh by Passionate Foundation and also chosen as a finalist at the ‘Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award’-British Council.

Feministaa Speaks to Suhani about her journey to the top. She has been listed by Femina Magazine under the category of “35 Most Powerful Women under 35”.

Suhani says, ” When I began 10 years back, the concept for highly finished metal jewellery was not prevalent in india. Either jewellery was precious or it was junk(a word I despise). When I got my first and only charger to work with me, he would look at me with wonder, asking me, madam what are you making, who is going to buy. This won’t work in India”.

But this did not demotivate her in any way.  She does not have any formal education in jewellery design but still she took the plunge and decided to go ahead with it. Its true that if you are passionate about your work, only two things are required to make it big; determination and perseverance.

“I have learnt everything on the job, though i do highly recommend going to a school and learning the nuances. But I’m grateful for all the hiccups, from sales to finances, from workers absenteeism to not knowing something as basic as how to melt or roll the metal, every single road block has led to another door opening. Im grateful” , says the designer.

Indian traditional jewellery is our proud heritage and there is always an emotional bond between the wearer and the ornament. Its not easy to give a creative bent to something which has existed for years and getting the same level of acceptance. But, Suhani has been able to give a new perspective to the age old traditions. She has always tried to inculcate the bygone and forgotten indian crafts in her work, and as a result, her work always has an indian twist to it inspite of being a new age ornament.

Intentionally or unintentionally,  the juxtaposition of indian and modern has led to building up this new perspective. The Indian Luxury market has been redefined continuously in all sectors. But, when it comes to jewellery, luxury cannot be just attributed to the cost of the piece. It’s more than just the price, it is acquiring/ owning something that has a history. Suhani’s  vision for design is to always handhold the old but also,  do something new to treat our historic crafts with the respect they deserve. She believes in picking up pieces from history and making it a part of the new wardrobe.

India, along with its rich history and heritage has a legacy for everyone  to see and breathe.

” I do what I like. I depend on my own emotions to design. And as a designer I’ve never kept boundaries. I don’t know how to color within the lines. My work has channeled a free spirited vibe, something which is conforming in a very non conforming way. I guess every woman today wants a personal dialogue, something that tells her story, something that sets her free by setting her apart. I would like to believe that my work fits there. It’s a very personal dialogue. It’s unapologetically individualistic”. says the founder.

Indian woman today underestimate their potential and it would not be fair use the statistic of an urban woman to understand how far indian women have come when it comes to unleashing their potential or even something as basic as talking about creative or work independence unless we harness and nurture the potential of every sister of ours from every corner of the country.

“If every woman achiever holds hands with 15 women around her and harnesses their potential, we will then be breaking every mould of every industry”, says the designer

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