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Online Start-up space in India is ruled by IT professionals with elaborate degrees and it can get intimidating at times! For me, believing in the idea and myself was the key to fighting such scepticism and keeping doubt at bay
Kanika Yadav started up Ekatrra.com when the start-up ecosystem was dominated by entrepreneurs from IIT’s and IIM’s. Her designer e-store for clothing and accessories is now providing a platform for exceptional designers to reach the world. Ekatrra’s exclusive range of clothing is sourced directly from the designer’s workshops and given straight to the customers. Kanika’s entrepreneurial journey has been exciting, full of experiences, learning and various ups and downs.
It was a risky move considering I’m not from technical background and this is my first tryst with business. But both my families supported me through it
Through the years, Ekatrra has built a reputation for perfection enabled through their customization feature. “Our fit and finishing is what stands us apart”, says the founder Kanika. But it has not been an easy journey. “Having to learn and relearn about what goes into making an online business and getting a grasp of technology has been my biggest hurdle but not big enough to stop me. I enjoy learning new things and the joys of entrepreneurship don’t compare to the hardship that it demands and I’m glad I took this leap,” she adds.
More than scepticism from family, I think it’s the scepticism forced upon you by the current start-up atmosphere that could pull one back!
As an entrepreneur, one has to make choices and stand by them. And Yadav believes that if they are considered as sacrifices, then the journey is not enjoyable. “If there’s anything I’ve missed through prioritising my venture, it’s the amount of time I used to spend with my kids as stay at home mother. But I’m working towards finding my balance there soon,” she adds.
When you’re running a start-up, work is a series of challenges. Irrespective of the plans, you never know where the next problem might crop up. The uncertainty is very high and keeping time targets is the biggest challenge. However, adaptation comes in quickly and you learn to tackle it. Such was the phenomenal journey of Kanika as well, and she has positively taken it to learn and grow.
I have rediscovered and faced challenges that made me a stronger person! The start-up experiences has brought out a lot of resilience in me
As a message for future womenpreneurs, she says, “As long as you are willing to learn, adapt and work hard, no dream is impossible. Avoid indulging in self-doubt which is sure to crop up every now and then through the entrepreneurial journey. Just enjoy the journey!”
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