Decode Menstrual Myths & Period Poverty with Dipika Daga, Founder of Paddling Foundation

“Menstruation is not just a women’s issue. It is a cause for humanity.”

Dipika Daga, Founder of the Paddling Foundation aims to contribute in eradicating period poverty from India. She dreams of a nation where “You don’t have to worry about your financial condition before opting for a menstrual product which is good for your body as well as for the environment.”

She believes that right education will enlighten and empower the people to make an insightful choice when it comes to menstruation. Comprehensive sex education will dispel all menstrual taboos and will help in transforming the society into a safer space for people who menstruate.

“Menstrual taboos are deeply ingrained. People are taught if they don’t follow these taboos or norms then it is going to impact something or the other.” 

Dipika analyses that the society compares menstrual taboo as an omen which attacks the human survival instinct. The only way to exterminate a taboo is by knowledge, information and discussion. So let’s dismantle the detrimental menstrual taboos by talking about the P word with everyone!

Watch the video to know more about the Paddling Foundation and menstrual mythbusters.

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