2016 Will See A Revolution in Bollywood

2016 Will See A Revolution in Bollywood

With the new year coming in, Bolly-world seems to be giving a huge shout out to women dominated movies! 2015, saw some brilliant performance of female actors; Tanu’s comeback, Sircar’s Piku, the bold Mastani, and reigning Queen. but 2016 seems to go a step ahead. Strong content driven roles for women seems to be the trend. India has it’s expectations high on Feminism. No matter how much we detest it, it seems that we all understand that it is something that is the need of the hour.


Soonam Kapoor has been appreciated for her unconventional choices since the very beginning. Adding another such choice to her list, is the portrayal of the character of Neerja in the movie based on the true life incident of flight attendant Neerja Bhanot, who lost her life while trying to save people in a hijacked flight, in the year 1986. One should watch this movie to discover the story of the brave woman, who did all that she could to save as many people as possible. Not only did she prove to be one of the most compassionate woman to be born, but also a true fighter when it came to save the lives of others, despite loosing her own. Posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award for bravery, the Ashoka Chakra. Through the movie, one will learn the zeal, the enthusiasm and the passion towards life that Neerja had. The trailer of the movie is already out and Soonam Kapoor seems to fit the role of the brave hearted woman perfectly. This movie must be watched to praise and pay tribute to one of the most courageous and kind hearted Indian woman that we have ever come across.

Jai Gangaajal 

Priyanka chopra has proved enough already that she is an amazing actor specially after she bagged a lead role in the Hollywood show Quantico. Apart from that, 2015 came out to be a good and successful year for her, with her rocking performances in movies like Dil Dhadknane Do and Bajirao Mastani. But, ladies and gentlemen, it will be a surprise to watch this talented actor play the role of a cop in the movie Jai Gangajal, which will show her fight against the wrong doers of the society. The movie will showcase the troubles that she will face in setting things right when she will be appointed as the SP of a town. It will be the story of a woman cop, who cannot be manipulated easily, asked to change our ways and will go out of her ‘womanly’ ways to get the work done in the right manner. It will be interesting to watch Priyanka Chopra play the role of the police officer Abha Mathur and find answers to questions like: will she be able to carry out her duty despite facing the problems that a woman does in a male dominant society ? or will her voice be shut down ?


Although the name reminds us of the Indian Farmer who was wrongly convicted of spying and terrorism in Pakistan, the movie is instead about the story of his sister, Dalbir Kaur. The movie should be watched not only because the role of the sister is being played by one of the best of our Cinema: Ashwariya Rai Bachchan but also because it traces the real life struggle of the lady who spent her entire life in trying to release her brother held captive by Pakistan. It tells the story of the trials and tribulations that she faced in trying to get justice for her brother, the sleepless nights that she spent in waiting for his release and the days that she spent in moving from one place to another for help. This movie will bring out the sad tale of the Indian farmer as seen through the hardships faced by his sister who worked tirelessly and did all that she could in order to set him free.

Ka and Ki

The movie is set in the backdrop of roles reversed : Kareena Kapoor playing the role of an ambitious working women while Arjun Kapoor playing the role of a loving husband who stays at the home. It is an interesting plot specially in times when we are working hard to break the stereotypes attached to the role of women in a household and at a workplace. This movie should be watched for its display of women power as well as its unique plot and backdrop.

Chalk and Duster 

As the name tells you, the movie is set in the background of teaching with a strong female cast : Juhi Chawla and Shabana Azmi who are shown to be as the passionate teachers that want to impart quality education to their students and Divya Dutta as the wicked principal who is present to make a havoc in their life. With a fun story and a good female cast, one should not miss this story as it is completely dependent on female roles and will be seen as an eventful movie due its different yet simple storyline. Not everyone might be fascinated by this storyline, but do watch it for its female cast. You never know, they might just surprise you !

Lets hope 2016 to be a better year for the women. We wish all the ladies luck in their future ventures and hope that they do match our already high expectations !

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