Why “Mastani” Stole Our Hearts Away

Why “Mastani” Stole Our Hearts Away

One of the finest movies of 2015,  Bajirao Mastani has left me awestruck with its magnificent sets,  the thrilling war scenes, the outstanding dresses and breathtaking jewellery. Ranveer Singh has received widespread appreciation for his performance and its incredible, the way he has perfectly moulded himself into the character. Bhansali has been appreciated for the direction, a strong story line and even the melodious music . But the role of Mastani is one of a kind which is worth an applaud. Her courageous, stubborn streak of true love which understood no boundaries has made me believe that if there was something called true love, this would be it .

No one can deny that Deepika Padukone looks exceptionally beautiful as “Mastani”. Her dresses, her jewellery, her hairstyles and even her dances, everything seems stupendous. It is not because of her appearances only, but also her strong personality as Mastani, that has impressed me the most. From the very starting, she appeared to be a strong minded woman who is determined to achieve her goal, which is why she put her life at risk to meet Bajirao and seek his help to fight against her enemies.

She is a beauty with a sword and her courage is evident in her spirit to fight the world for her one and only” Bajirao”.

Her love for Bajirao was pure. She didn’t want his money or throne.  On being insulted by his mother and even after being treated as a mere entertainer, she didn’t go back to her father fuming, instead she was consistent with her efforts to prove herself and finally confessed her love. She is the perfect example of the saying, “Where there is will, there is a way”. Even after being married to “kashi”, Bajirao accepted Mastani, because her undying passion to be with him was  extreme and one of a kind which he just couldn’t refuse to turn down.

Though she knew that she was the “other woman”. Knowing that Kashi is Bajirao’s first wife, she never tried to steal her power or position and never even conspired him against her. She treated Kashi like her elder sister because she knew that Kashi had all the rights to hate her. They both loved the same man and no matter how much they hated this fact, they accepted this brutal reality with utmost respect and strength. Mastani was exemplary with her display of immense patience with the cruelty exhilarated by the people of the town including Bajirao’s mother and the Brahmins who even tried to kill her and her child.

She knew that the path she has chosen is not easy. She was a Muslim and Bajirao was a Brahmin and no one will understand that love is above all religions. Rather she always said that “love is a religion in itself”. She endured all the taunts and the brutal insults that were thrown at her.

She never complained as her love was pure and pristine.

She loved him with all her heart and soul.

Her love knew no boundaries.

A Mastani lives in the hearts of a true lover and she has answers right as to why nothing can stand tall in front of true love.


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