5 Places You Should be Visiting With Your Girl Gang !!

Places to Visit with Girl Gang in India | Best Places for Ladies Trip

Some destinations are meant for the “Perfect Gang”. The gang being your best girlfriends who are as crazy as you are. An occasional trip with your favourite girls is a breather, which everyone needs once in a while. Vacations are a must and when it’s with your “gang”, it becomes even better. Here is a list of places you cannot miss to visit with your favourites.

Goa is a verdant natural paradise surrounded by azure waters on the West Coast of India. Goa is one of the best places for having fun with your girls gang. Goa, along with its picturesque beaches and famous architectural temples, grand parties, festivals and its rich Anglo-Indian heritage makes Goa, the numero uno. Goa is a must place for a girls trip as it also provides for exotic spa,  a perfect tan on the gorgeous beaches, mouth watering sea-food, handmade artifacts and junk jewelry at a perfectly reasonable price. Also, Goa is the best when it comes to nightlife, although safety should be a concern at all times. So,  get ready to rage by the fire-lit sea beaches and get stuck between awe-inspiring scenic beauty in the party capital of India.

It is an intoxicating mix of the most thrilling sights and with an enviable vibe that is hard to explain. Explore the beautiful sights of this dynamic city with your girls gang. One should not forget to visit the beautiful village of Khotachiwadi. This will take you back to the time before Mumbai even became a city. The narrow lanes and the Portuguese-styled bungalows will remind you of the 18th century architecture . You will be in love with the vibrant city after  eating the most delectable street food of India. Also, how can we forget the shopping spree Bandra with all your girls. In terms of safety as well, Mumbai is indeed one of the safest city for girls to travel even at night.

Ladakh is the perfect visual treat. An ultimate destination for  bike rides along with adventurous activities like yak safari, kayaking, trekking, camel safari and even skiing. It is a place that awakens the spirit of an adventurer as well as a traveller. It is an untouched piece of nature, yet to be fully explored. Along with it’s ancient monasteries, religious sites, palaces, Gompas, mountain peaks, wildlife safaris, it makes for the perfect adventurous destination.

Set amidst the lower Himalayas, Darjeeling is a must visit of all the destinations. With its lush green tea plantations, Darjeeling is one of West Bengal’s most admired and safest place to visit for girls . Take a break from your regular routine and relax with your besties amidst the serenity of the  gardens, scenic places, viewpoints, waterfalls, temples & monasteries, museums & historic places.

Located in the foot of Himalayas,  it is also known as Gateway to the Garhawl Himalayas. Ranked as one of the favourites amongst the youngsters, Rishikesh has a lot to offer. It promises adventures like river rafting, white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping and canyoning. So, girls pack your bags and immerse yourself with  memories you won’t forget for a lifetime.


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